TV Connect 2014: ruwido to unveil second screen research

At next week’s TV Connect trade show, ruwido will launch and demonstrate new devices designed to meet the needs and requirements of a rapidly evolving TV landscape. The company will also unveil its latest results from scientific research into the usability and potential of second screen applications.

The growing popularity of second screen applications, caused by the increased consumer uptake of tablets and smartphones, is driving an evolution in the media consumption landscape. ruwido is committed to showing that the remote control is evolving with the growing market, remaining as fundamental as ever to the new ecosystem of the connected home.

At this year’s TV Connect, ruwido will unveil the next generation of multi-modal input devices which meet the consumer need for more natural and joyful methods of interacting with their connected TV offering. ruwido will also provide demonstrations of the company’s r117 input device, which indicates the potential of speech transmission for the intuitive navigation of large content libraries.

“We recognise that the popularity of multi-screen services and applications are having a significant impact on consumer behaviour, but we don’t see tablets and smartphones as being competitive to the remote control. Second screen devices are very much within what we call the ‘private space’ of consumption, rather than the ‘public space’ for the entire family to use,” says Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido.

Meanwhile, ruwido’s director of user experience research, Dr. Regina Bernhaupt, will present the case study ‘Making the second screen an engaging experience: Maximising benefits while respecting usability’. The session will provide unique insight into why the remote remains of fundamental importance in a multi-screen world.

“Second screen devices are a promising platform for accessing additional information about a particular show or for receiving recommendations, but are not necessarily suited for the navigation of complex TV menus or extensive content libraries. It is clear from the results of our scientific research that the TV is the dominant form of TV consumption and as such, the remote control remains crucial to the way consumers discover and access content in that most social of spaces – the living room,” says Regina Bernhaupt, director of user experience research, ruwido france.

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