TV2000 selects Etere MERP solution

A 24-hour channel owned by CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference) and broadcast both on DTT and satellite platforms, TV2000 has chosen Etere solutions in response to its need for a flexible and integration solution to manage all of the channel’s different processes and devices.

Etere’s MERP (Media Enterprise Resources Planning) allows TV2000 to run its media operation on a fully digital and paperless system which simultaneously delivers power performance, an easy-to-use interface and the possibility of upgrading.

The Etere Automation module provides the playout of the main and secondary events. Etere Automation can control two independent copies of the same playlist, ready to switch in case of defective operations.

Meanwhile, Etere Tapeless reception enables TV2000 to receive digitally the contents both via Internet and intranet. With this tool, the TV station receives the files and their metadata from internal or external providers (in this case NLEs and production). The tapeless workflow of the files based on custom rules is managed by Etere Data Mover tool. TV2000 can transfer the events from the different devices of the media station, such as from UML online video servers storage and also from NAS archives to video server. Media content stored in the LTO-based deep archive is managed by Etere HSM, which automises the storage process and allows the system to retrieve material easily.

Management and planning of all the commercial and advertisement operations is achieved with Etere Air Sales module. In addition, the Etere BMS module facilitates monitoring and control of the rights system with regard to long-term planning, while Etere Executive Editor allows operators to create, check and publish frame-accurate playlists for main and secondary events with helpful integrated features.

The new workflow also features automatic generation of multi-format content for multiple purpose (e.g. proxy preview, web, playout, etc). In this specific case Etere workflow converts the contents arriving in different format (AVI DV25, MPEG2) into one suitable for TV2000’s SeaChange MCL videoserver and proxy preview.

Finally, Etere F90 is the engine that manages metadata import/export automatically. It’s able to detect if a new asset is available and to start a workflow that creates a new entry in the Etere Media Library and performs other actions. In TV2000’s case, the broadcaster receives news, wires and files from Reuters and Ansa agencies, and Etere automatically creates the asset with metadata, links the media file, generates a proxy copy and stores the files on both archives (nearline and deep archive) for future use.

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