TVN and TVU partner to boost TV newsgathering in Germany

OB provider TVN Group and live IP delivery company TVU Networks are working together to provide the German broadcast market with innovative IP video transport solutions to drive easier newsgathering solutions, over more platforms.

Speaking to SVG Europe, TVN CEO, Markus Osthaus, commented on how he sees these live IP video acquisition solutions from TVU Networks helping sports broadcasters deliver live stories: “With regard to sports productions, the new solution is particularly suitable for flexible, situational live transmission and recording. Scenarios such as fan talks, interviews and spontaneous live broadcasts or recordings of sports events can thus be realised and captured. It is immediately ready for production and location-independent, which considerably shortens reaction and transfer times, and it is also extremely cost efficient, especially in comparison to the previous technical effort.”

The mobile transmission unit can transmit HDSDI signals to a fixed point independently of video directional radio links, achieve a latency of max two seconds and, Osthaus said, depending on stable internet connection, minimum 0.5 seconds, to the end point almost real time transmissions, while the talkback feedback allows bidirectional audio communication.

Osthaus went on: “Since the transmission unit is very small and compact and is controlled remotely, it allows the cameraman a one-touch operation; more than switching on is not necessary here. The remote operator controls the reception position and controls the data stream with regard to quality and latency, so he can instruct and lead the cameraman to the correct or optimal position for the broadcast.

“Whereas the location of the transmitting unit basically can be used everywhere in the world, assuming that the medium is the WWW and available everywhere sufficiently, 10MBps is the minimum bandwidth that must be reached for HD quality,” he added.

The first joint projects will see broadcasters deploy the TVU One mobile solutions to ensure that TVN customers can deliver the best possible live streaming video services, with unmatched quality and reliability regardless of location. The collaboration has been facilitated by TVU Networks’ long-term partner QVEST Media.

As to what sort of sports broadcasters, and what types of sporting events, Osthaus sees benefitting most from this technology, he said: “Currently this technology is fully usable for all internet productions where the live feed is streamed directly via CDN. For sports taking place in impassable terrain with no transmission facilities, our innovative live IP streaming units are particularly advantageous.

“When using central remote control rooms, where the network sovereignty lies with TVN, any kind of live feed from the broadcasting unit into the current broadcast with a latency of 0.5 to 2 seconds latency is possible,” he noted.

Osthaus concluded: “The connection of the receiving unit in the OB truck offers very promising prospects; however, it is currently only possible to a limited extent in terms of network technology (the internet connection of the OB truck is usually inadequate due to local conditions). Here we are working on compensating this limitation.”

“Our customers are facing growing demand for more news content across more platforms, so we need to help them with new and innovative ways of newsgathering. Deploying the advanced live IP video acquisition solutions from TVU, delivers the flexibility, mobility and reliability needed to tell stories from any location,” added Bernd Dypka, CIO TVN Group. “We worked closely with TVU Networks to ensure that our joint solutions enable broadcasters to get the heart of the news and action as it happens – whether in Germany or further afield.”

When discussing the project, Alexander Kritschker, head of professional products, QVEST Media, said: “I’m looking forward to helping deploy the innovative joint TVN and TVU live video solutions so that the German broadcast market can more efficiently acquire, transport, share and re-use video to get on air first and enhance storytelling together with viewer engagement.”

David Jorba, EVP and managing director at TVU Europe added: “As the German market leader in broadcast facilities and newsgathering services, TVN Group has established a reputation for always being at the cutting edge. We are excited by the development of joint TVN and TVU solutions and look forward to ensuring that TVN continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions that meet their customers requirement to tell stories better while increasing flexibility and efficiency.”

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