TVU Networks announces new feature for social production in TVU Producer  

TVU Networks’ Partyline

TVU Networks has announced the introduction of Partyline, a tool for social production.

With Partyline, call participants can achieve a unique level of communication and interaction from remote locations as though they were in the same physical studio while producing live and pre-recorded programming.

Partyline enables production personnel, talent and tools to collaborate remotely in real time with full HD video quality and perfectly synchronised audio and video. It is making its debut as an integrated part of TVU Producer, a simple and scalable cloud-based solution for broadcast quality production, and will also be incorporated within the TVU ecosystem for use with other TVU solutions.

TVU Networks held a webinar on Friday 29 May to unveil Partyline as a part of TVU Producer and demonstrate its capabilities for social production. The recorded video is available on the TVU website.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the dynamic of TV production collaboration, requiring talent and technical staff to produce programming from their living rooms,” explained TVU Networks’ CEO Paul Shen.

“Thus far, they’ve relied on readily available videoconferencing solutions that have significant limitations when it comes to professional studio production, particularly for true team collaboration. The challenge is how to bring the production crew, technical team, talent and tools together in a virtual studio environment, while producing a full HD/4K broadcast quality video remotely,” Shen continued.

He added: “Professional broadcasters require the ability to interact in real time while producing programmes in fully synchronised and broadcast quality audio and video. When achieved, that’s what we’re calling social production. It should be as close to in-person communication and interaction as possible. Producers shouldn’t have to settle for something that makes creating their important work more cumbersome.”

The virtual environment within Partyline is made possible with a real time interactive layer (RTIL). TVU’s patented Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology delivers quality and stability, and RTIL adds a layer of real time interaction.

All participants are granted access to a Partyline through a shared URL, which allows them to watch all programme feeds live and interact, discuss, control and participate the production together in real time, as if they are in the same physical location.

Thanks to TVU’s IS+ transmission algorithm, full HD/4K quality and perfectly synced audio/video signal are able to meet the demands of professional video productions.

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