TVU Networks enables live mobile broadcast of 2021 Indonesian Cycling Championship 

The team at the Indonesia Cycling Federation (ICF) employed TVU One 4K HDR mobile transmitters from TVU Networks to live stream 4K coverage of this year’s National Championship, the Criterium Road Race, in Garut, West Java on 26 October.

The broadcast team from ICF transmitted solid audio and video from speeding motorbikes despite challenging technical conditions throughout the road race, thanks to TVU One’s Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology. IS+ uses less data to achieve transmissions with latency down to 0.8 seconds – even when going live in 4K HDR from the back of a speeding motorcycle.

The ICF team turned to TVU One for the 2021 Championship as well, when it took its more traditional, pre-pandemic form of an eight-stage race, opening with a tour of the peninsular and ending 1,115km later with challenging ascents on the Indonesian mainland.

The quality of signal transmission, along with extensive range and ease of operation, were the biggest concerns for ICF and a major factor in the decision to purchase six TVU One mobile transmitters and two TVU receivers.

Local video production company Motoshoot Indonesia provided production services for the live event. “In some locations in Indonesia, there is only about 70% cell coverage, whether it’s 3G or 4G,” explained Motoshoot Indonesia project manager Hidayatullah Hadi. “Yet the TVU One still gives us a stable 60fps picture.”

The TVU One mobile unit selects the strongest cellular network connection and simultaneously aggregates up to 12 data connections including 3G/4G, 5G LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, satellite and microwave.

Hadi continued: “In the past, we experienced frequent image freezes in areas like Sumatra, Papua, Kalimantan and Sulawesi where there are poor network conditions. But when we record live video from cameras using the TVU One mobile transmitter, the video quality is still good and very stable, even when the available bandwidth is low, thanks to its H.265 chip.”

“Fortunately, our local TVU Networks’ team is very responsive in helping us solve any unique problems we might face, to keep the video quality good and the picture stable even when the action speeds up under challenging conditions.”

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