TVU Networks supporting media and government with free use of products

TVU Networks’ tech helped RTVE get up close and personal at the 2019 Morocco Rally

TVU Networks has stated it is providing free use of several of its key products for media organisations and governments to support the dissemination of information in these difficult times.

TVU is supporting the efforts of media organisations and government agencies during the outbreak by offering the use of the TVU Anywhere mobile app for iOS and Android, cloud-based TVU Producer and TVU Grid services without charge until at least 31 April.

Paul Shen, TVU Networks’ CEO, told SVG Europe: “The deepening coronavirus situation and the requirements of social distancing are making it increasingly challenging to have the necessary personnel on site. As the mobility of personnel are increasingly restricted, finding creative ways to replace onsite with remote experience becomes crucial for survival.

“To ensure that media organisations and their workers stays on air during this pandemic, in addition to the free TVU Anywhere service, TVU is extending a number of turnkey solutions also for free during the lockdown,” said Shen.

A local pool feed is essential to bringing out major coverages, such as a mayor’s news conference, while observing social distancing. To ensure a high quality, low latency pool feed, TVU is making the TVU Grid solution available for free to all TV stations, regardless of whether you have TVU equipment or not. This solution will interconnect all the local stations in your media market together.

A turnkey solution that enables anchors to go on air from home is a must. This solution includes a high quality, low latency transmitter, IFB and teleprompter. In situations that lack a professional camera at an anchor’s home, this package can utilise a mobile phone as a camera and transmitter. TV stations can have news anchors remotely present news as if they were anchoring at the studio.

The cloud service provides key features and functions of playout and sends the resulting linear channel to your broadcast facility or digital platform. Users can create and manage the playlist through a normal web browser from any location, including at home.

TVU offers stations a multi-camera and multi-source production service that enables live production in the cloud. The video sources can come from professional cameras or mobile phones.

For more information on TVU Networks’ free services offer, click here.

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