UEFA Champions League Final 2024: The host broadcast facts and figures for Real Madrid versus Borussia Dortmund

This weekend (Saturday 1 June) London’s Wembley Stadium will host the UEFA Champions League Final 2024 with Real Madrid taking on Borussia Dortmund.

UEFA has appointed TNT Sports as the host broadcaster, which has in turn bought in technical services supplier, EMG to bring the production to life.

Rob Levi will be conducting the excitement from the gallery as TV match director. Levi is a senior director at TNT Sports, part of Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Final will be broadcast in UHD-HDR 1080p50 HLG (NBC LUT package).

On audio, Dolby surround sound will be available on the HD feed, while Dolby Atmos Immersive audio will also be available on the UHD feed.

UEFA has allocated a plethora of unilateral broadcast facilities. These include 136 TV, radio and social media commentary position desks.

Coverage of the game is set to be huge, with two pitch view studios and 20 tribune presentation positions, as well as 20 pitch presentation positions, 11 flash interview positions and five super flash positions.

On cameras, there will be 38 unilateral camera positions behind goals and 17 social media cameras.

There will be a 43 match coverage camera plan for the Final, including:

  • Aerial camera system
  • Helicopter
  • Seven super-slow motion
  • Two hi-speed cameras
  • Two crane cameras
  • Two polecams
  • Two coaching cameras

UEFA Champions League Final 2024 camera plan – click on the image to see a larger version

In addition, on site on the day will be eight unilateral broadcast partner offices. These will be within the broadcast compound, which will cover 11,000 metres square of space to accommodate everyone involved in the broadcast.

Over 140 kilometres of fibre has been pulled by UEFA to deliver services to those broadcast partners.

Finally, an official film will be filmed on site on the day, which will be delivered via Hive.

The UEFA Champions League Final takes place on Saturday 1 June at 20:00 BST/21:00 CET

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