V-Nova joins SVG Europe as Gold Sponsor

Sports Video Group Europe is delighted to announce that V-Nova has joined as a Gold Sponsor. V-Nova is a London-headquartered company providing advanced video and imaging processing hardware, software and embedded solutions. Its novel compression technology Perseus is based on principles underlying human vision. Persus shifts the video bitrate-quality curve to enable UHD quality video at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at sub-audio bitrates.

Perseus was launched at NAB 2015 and at IBC 2015 it received the CSI Award for ‘Best Digital Video Processing Platform’ and the IBC ‘Best of Show Award’ from NewBay Media. These awards built on the NAB ‘Best of Show 2015’ won by V-Nova days after its public launch.

V-Nova CEO and co-founder Guido Meardi said at the time, “That a company can launch a radically new video compression technology and win such prestigious awards five months later seems remarkable. However, these awards are recognition for what we have accomplished in the five years we spent in ‘stealth mode’. During that time, we had the vision to imagine and create a new video compression technology that has a radically different approach to that of the legacy codecs that have ruled compression for over 30 years. This work has put Perseus at the core of digitisation.”

In November, Perseus technology was deployed by Mediapro’s Overon for virtually lossless contribution of the El Clasico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Santiago Bernebau stadium in Madrid. The Perseus-powered contribution link was a critical part of this first ever Ultra HD transmission of the El Clasico match, which was broadcast on the Canal+ Liga channel via Telefonica’s Movistar+ fibre-to-the-home service.

The Mediapro managed project saw Ultra HD live footage encoded at the stadium by a V-Nova Perseus powered P.Link solution and contributed virtually lossless content with ultra low latency at 240 Mbps over a 1 Gbps telco fibre connection to the Movistar Master Control Room in Madrid. At the MCR, a P.Link server decoded the signal, which was then distributed to Canal+ Liga viewers in Spain.

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