Vimond’s Silverlight Framework enables interactive sport experience

Vimond will demonstrate how broadcasters can create a compelling and interactive sports experience using its Silverlight Framework, a front-end creation tool built on the APIs of the Vimond Media Platform. The Vimond Silverlight Framework allows users to create advanced video players that enable side-by-side (or overlay) video and community interaction such as chat windows with other fans
, video highlights of parallel sporting events or games
, on-demand game playback with editor-managed event timelines
, and multivideo player experience.

Vimond will also showcase a beta version of its video workflow management tool, the Vimond Control Center (VCC). 

VCC is a Web interface to manage the Vimond media platform. It builds on the robust nature of the platform’s previous graphical user interfaces, but simplifies the publishing workflow and adds powerful features.

VCC was designed for broadcasters in search of an optimal workflow for publishing premium and free content directly to end users, as well as content distributors seeking to broaden their offering and provide catch-up services.

Multiscreen deployments
Most systems are designed specifically for publishing Web-TV services and can only publish to mobile and other screens via add-on functionality or products. VCC, by contrast, can publish compelling TV services across all screens.

OTT production workflow
VCC breaks the various production elements down into manageable workflows, which can be customized depending on the need. For example, different departments within an organization can collaborate independently of each other. Service managers can create packages without having to worry about content ingestion or content management. Content editors can edit content and metadata without regard for pricing structures. Administrators can easily control who accesses what by granting access rights to individual parts of the platform.

With today’s typical solution, managing hundreds of hours of content can be challenging. The content might be hard to find in the system and the user has to struggle through endless pages and edit views to get the job done. VCC uses tagging functionality to simplify this process. Content is simply found through an intelligent search, with adaptive filtering and in as few clicks as possible.

Product Licensing
Vimond will also launch a revamped product-licensing scheme for the Vimond Media Platform. The new licensing scheme makes the platform’s advanced feature set modular, allowing customers to start with basic configurations and upgrade to broadcast-grade sophisticated setups. Aside from its enterprise installation offering, Vimond also offers cloud installations of all products.

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