Vislink rejoins SVG Europe as Gold Sponsor

SVG Europe is delighted to welcome the return of Vislink to its rapidly-growing roll-call of Gold Sponsors. Vislink is a global technology group specialising in the transmission and delivery of high quality video and data capture from the field to the point of usage.

The group is one of the leaders in providing high-end broadcast solutions for the world’s most recognisable events, including participation in the 2014 Ryder Cup and 2014 FIFA World Cup. Its solutions encompass the design and manufacture of microwave radio, satellite transmission, cellular and wireless camera systems, and it has several offices located worldwide.

Over the years, Vislink has made a number of acquisitions – including Gigawave, MRC, Link Research and Advent – to enlarge its product portfolio and increase market share on a global scale. Since doing so, Vislink has been able to become a specialist within different broadcast sectors, resulting in the creation of a strong brand position and sustained growth.

Vislink is constantly developing new technology, most recently launching the NewSwift 2.4m. This motorised vehicle-mounted system allows satellite acquisition within five minutes, helping broadcasters capture and transmit live news footage in demanding environments.

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