Vislink scores multi-million dollar contract with NEP for RF cameras and remote production systems for Extreme E

Extreme E is being filmed using cameras and remote production systems from Vislink, which has scored a multi-million dollar contract with Extreme E technical partner NEP.

The inaugural Extreme E racing series is being filmed in some of the most remote and extreme locations on earth, using as small a footprint as possible. This means that remote production and RF technologies are leading the production technologically.

Vislink is providing on-board and trackside camera systems, which can withstand the harsh Extreme E in-car environment with vibration, temperature extremes and robustness in the event of crashes.

The company’s systems integrate into all production architectures: remote production, IP and satellite contribution. With near-zero processing latency in the complex on-board camera system, the event director can instantly switch between track and on-board views at will and focus on capturing and displaying events that occur in the blink of an eye down to millisecond resolution.

“Our wireless camera systems are able to capture events in extreme conditions and remote areas, like Extreme E, that highlight important issues that are core to our Vislink values such as climate change, sustainability and gender equality,” said Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. “For more than 50 years, we have provided viewers unique live broadcast experiences that are even more central to entertainment today, considering most events can only be enjoyed remotely.”

Extreme E’s season began on 2 April in Alula, Saudi Arabia. It will span four continents to bring electric racing to some of the most remote corners of the planet. The goal is to raise awareness of climate change consequences faced by different ecosystems (deserts, rainforests and glaciers), while also promoting sustainability, equality and the adoption of all-electric SUVs to help protect the planet.

NEP is providing its latest end-to-end solutions including flypacks, remote production, crewing, satellite and fibre connectivity, edit, ingest, augmented reality, GFX, display and projection, and specialist cameras including RF. NEP’s new UHD-ready centralised broadcast and media centre in London is providing extensive connectivity, remote production galleries, remote replay, edit and live centre monitoring.

“Viewers now want to be able to see more on-board camera views and join in on the action first-hand. Vislink’s technology and 30-year involvement in motorsports, allows us to cater to the modern viewer demand and create a greater sense of community while advocating for sustainability,” said Steve Jenkins, president, NEP UK and Ireland. “This will ensure the series leaves a lasting legacy in each of the areas it heads to, including tree-planting, clean-up operations and solar-power initiatives.”

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