Vizrt renews its Gold sponsorship of ‘perfect partner’ SVG Europe

Vizrt, a provider of live virtual 3D graphics (AR), sports analysis and cloud-based live production solutions to broadcasters, sports rights holders and content producers, has renewed its Gold sponsorship of SVG Europe.

Recent projects for the company include delivering cloud-based live production solutions for Sky Germany and ATP Media. Vizrt’s live production solution offers sports producers an end-to-end live production workflow from source to delivery, in the cloud. It comprises some of Vizrt’s most trusted software products and is the first production system built to leverage the capabilities in NDI 5.

Vizrt solutions include XR Venue and XR Playbook. Its sports graphics and analysis tools are designed to add dimension to game coverage and empower sports broadcasters and content producers to transform a game into a fully immersive experience no matter where fans are tuning in from. Data-driven augmented reality graphics, combined with 3D Camera Flight effects, virtual enhancements and telestration tools, offer opportunities to create video content that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Vizrt has also been working with other major broadcasters, including ZDF, BBC and Fox Sports, which utilise Viz Arena or Viz Libero to enrich sports coverage. For this year’s Daytona 500, Vizrt worked with Fox Sports to debut Vizrt Object Tracker, powered by Viz AI. This new tool allows the detection and tracking of objects, in this case race cars, over any incoming video feed. The Object Tracker technology will be commercially available from early April.

“We aim to be the trusted source of industry-leading solutions in sports and continuously innovation to empower sports broadcasters,” said André Torsvik, vice president, marketing strategy, Vizrt Group. “Our aim is to support our customers in fuelling viewers passion for sports with richer content, better insights and new perspectives through our offerings. As SVG Europe is on a mission to be a knowledge resource for the growing community of sports video professionals throughout the industry, it is the perfect partner to showcase our solutions, use cases, news, insights and more. Therefore, we are happy to continue supporting SVG Europe as a sponsor as we move into a new age of sports production.”

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