VSM control technology specified for China’s first 4K OB van

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies’ VSM is the overall control system in China’s first 4K OB Van. Jiangsu Broadcast Corporation is a leading broadcasting and media companies, and in 2015 put into service its new 24 camera JSBC 4K OB Van – billed as the first 4K OB Van in China.

The JSBC 4K is a 24 camera, double-side expansion, OB Van that works in full 4K and offers up to 29 workplaces. The OB incorporates 16 HD cameras, four 4K cameras and four wireless cameras. Coachbuilder ASGB and Sony China Professional Systems Group, together with NDT Group, worked jointly together to develop a modern OB van with state of the art 4K technology.

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies from Germany teamed with local partner NDT to implement VSM as the overall control system in JSBC 4K. VSM is running on two separate servers in master-master configuration, using VSM’s redundancy concept for highest failure safety. A third additional server is used for monitoring gadgets using L-S-Bs own Ember+ protocol and the vSNMP application. Beyond the software-based VSM panels with full touch functionality, 19 VSM hardware panels work in the OB van to provide full control and individual configuration to the operators and EIC.

In this truck VSM has full access to the Evertz Xenon router for crosspoint routing as well as to the Sony MVS 7000X vision mixers for control of Tally, UMD and crosspoints. In JSBC 4K two Sony MVS-7000X vision mixers are in use. One is implemented in area Production A for HD productions, the other in area Production B that offers additional control for 4K productions.

For the audio section JSBC 4K draws on a Lawo mc266 MKII audio console with Lawo Nova Core and Dallis Frames. VSM talks directly to the Lawo equipment and handles crosspoint routing as well as parameter control.

Furthermore the Riedel Intercom system, using Riedel Artist plus Riedel Mediornet, is under control of VSM for crosspoints and parameters. Additional VSM tasks include parameter control for all EVS XT3 servers and transport control for Sony’s VTRs.

The monitor wall in JSBC 4K consists of 8 Sony LMD 42” (production A), plus 8 Sony PVM (production B for 4K) monitors, together with Evertz Multiviewer systems VIPX and VIPA. Within this setup VSM has control of all Tally signals and UMDs.

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