Wireless camera operation upgrade with HDwireless Multi-Programmer console

HDwireless as both a provider and lessor of wireless camera systems has for some years been developing its own products and solutions for professional broadcasting. Effective immediately, the German company now offers the HDwireless Multi-Programmer. With a weight of just 500 gr it provides the operator on the set a useful controlling device.

The Multi-Programmer enables both control and adjustment of radio system parameters with the HDwireless wireless camera series Grass Valley INCAM-G. By using menu guided keys and a 1.8” display the desired settings can be carried out quickly and intuitively.

With its slim measurements of only 19 x 8 x 3.5 cm this appliance replaces bulky laptops, and is robust and splashproof for outdoor usage. Thanks to energy-saving architecture it uses an exchangeable 9 V-battery for power.

“This new type of console with its flexible software is not only designed for the HDwireless GV INCAM-G but also for the HDwireless Sony Sidepanel Solution ‘1609’ and ‘junior’, as well as Link XPu. Our universal hardware-/software concept allows for numerous individual customer solutions”, said Sebastien Coat, software developer.

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