Wireless Technology Alliance formed by AMP Visual, former Alfacam CEO

AMP Visual TV and former Alfacam Group CEO Gabriel Fehervari have formed a new joint venture called World Linx Alliance that will serve as a co-operative of sorts for companies involved in developing and providing wireless video technologies to broadcasters.

“The idea is that most of our colleagues are investing a lot of money for equipment they only use on rare occasions and in the wireless market it makes sense to gather the energy so there is better R&D and use of equipment,” says Fehervari, who will serve as World Linx Alliance head of sales and strategy.

The company is looking for local partners across Europe so that they can build better relationships within six or seven sub-territories. Partner companies are expected to be announced by the end of the year.

One piece of technology Alliance already has are two B200 cargo planes with dual engines and a cargo pod that allows for up to eight GPS-controlled tracking antennas. The plane is capable of flying for seven hours before refueling.

In terms of R&D, the belief is that the Alliance will be able to fit up to 30 devices into the same amount of wireless spectrum that typically can serve up to eight sources.

“We have no plans to do anything more than wireless devices,” adds Fehervari. “The common goal is wireless and to extend it for use on graphics systems and second-screen applications.”

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