WORK Microwave to offer demos of new modems

WORK Microwave will introduce a wide range of technology advancements. Visitors to the booth will be able to view a live demonstration of the company’s DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-IP and see the latest addition to WORK Microwave’s modem range, the new DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV Combined Data and Video Modem, two solutions that maximize an operator’s bandwidth while simultaneously lowering costs. In addition, on display will be enhancements to WORK Microwave’s next-generation frequency converters.

DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV Combined Data and Video Modem
WORK Microwave will display a new data and video modem designed to streamline an operator’s signal transmission setup. Utilizing DaVid technology, the DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV simultaneously transports both data (network connection) and live broadcast (video content) over a single satellite carrier, aggregating multiple MPEG transport streams and IP data into a unified DVB-S2 multistream.

Intended for broadcasters, telcos, and satellite operators relying on a hybrid infrastructure that requires TS and IP interfaces, the DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV includes a powerful set of features, including traffic shaping, cross layer design, Generic Stream Encapsulation, and OptiACM, that maximize data throughput and bandwidth use while reducing operational and capital expenditures.

DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-IP and XipLink’s Bandwidth Optimization Technology
Based on a close cooperation with XipLink, WORK Microwave will showcase increased efficiencies for its DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-IP. Integrated into a single environment with XipLink’s XA family of scalable appliances, the DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-IP offers service providers, corporate networks, and telcos a reliable method for optimizing throughput and increasing the available amount of bandwidth on their networks. Rather than pre-setting inaccurate minimum and maximum data rates, users can now leverage WORK Microwave’s OptiACM feature with XipLink’s sophisticated traffic shaping functionality to determine real-time minimum and maximum data rates for each content type for up to 100 Quality of Service (QoS) classes.

Visitors to the booth can learn more about the ACM functionality of the IP-Modem by viewing an interactive test setup, which will demonstrate how the IP modem compensates for disturbances in the satellite link caused by physical conditions such as humidity and atmospheric precipitation. Through real-time adaptation of transmission parameters according to link conditions, the ACM feature allows operators to more reliably allocate bandwidth across the entire network. The demonstration will include two screens, enabling attendees to observe simulated conditions such as noise, data rate, and type of modulation and to witness the flipping over of the constellation diagram.

Fifth-Generation Frequency Converter Series
WORK Microwave will demonstrate the new enhancements to its next-generation frequency converter series, which is geared toward applications that require low phase noise, ranging from S-band to Ka-band. Utilizing a new synthesizer, the frequency converters can now deliver Ka-Band signals with phase noise at a level that significantly exceeds the respected industry standard according to Intelsat’s Phase Noise Specification. In addition, the converters also offer frequency accuracy so that operators can meet adjusted frequencies and match the end-users’ specific requirements.

A new user-friendly, Web-based interface offers a powerful and intuitive user experience by allowing easy access to a comprehensive set of features. Through the customizable GUI, users can better meet specific end-user requirements and environments. The GUI can be set up remotely via the Web, enabling easy initial set up and the ability to update firmware. Based on a modular architecture, the fifth-generation frequency converters are completely scalable and customizable, offering users a cost-effective solution that can be tailored to meet their exact needs.

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