XD Motion joins SVG Europe as Gold Sponsor to connect with the sports broadcast industry

XD Motion, an international expert in aerial filming and multi-dimensional tracking solutions based on gyrostabilised systems, has joined SVG Europe as a new Gold Sponsor, “to keep up to date with the activities of all sports broadcasting players”.

The new X Fly 3D VR system was first tested at the Paris Grand Slam 2019 international judo tournament in Paris, January 2019

Through a wide range of products and services, XD Motion supports creativity in film production, advertising, and sport broadcasting by enabling shots from all heights, speed and angles.

The company delivers aerial shots from helicopters, planes, multi-dimensional Cablecam or travelling tracks, robotic arm vehicles and drones.

Stated Benoit Dentan, CEO at XD Motion: Noted Dentan: “Sports events are one of XD Motion’s favourite to participate in. The team focusses on delivering the best possible images to sports fans. Sponsoring SVG Europe is a great opportunity for us to keep up to date with the activities of all sports broadcasting players. We are pleased to take part of the organised events. They give us the chance to present our innovations, interact with the community and discuss future projects.

“[Being part of SVG Europe] is an excellent way for us to gain visibility within the industry. The SVG Europe team is a real support and accompanies us every step of the way. With a state of the art technology, our expertise and creativity, we are ready to contribute to broadcasting the greatest sports events all around the world, catching every moment with unthinkable shots,” Dentan said.

Continued Dentan: “We use the latest gyrostabilised heads technology from three to six axis, auto horizon axis and open architecture to accommodate all sizes, models of cameras and lenses systems existing on the market.

“One of our innovations is the X Fly 3D Cablecam which allows movements in three dimensions. Using the latest technology, the X Fly 3D is based on eight fibre rope attachment points (safety redundancy), enabling the dolly to move left and right, up and down, forward and backward. The safety critical software ensures collision avoidance as well as repeatable flight paths. Intended for permanent installation or service delivery, the system is ideal to catch every moment of a soccer game or a concert,” said Dentan.

The X Fly 3D was recently used in the AccorHotels Arena to film the 45th edition of the biggest international judo competition, Judo Paris Grand Slam, last February. XD Motion’s installation was able to keep all seats clear, and avoid any crane obstruction.

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