IBC 2013: ATP upgrades AoIP functionality of WorldNet Oslo

WorldCast Systems’ codec specialist, APT, has announced a significant upgrade to the AoIP functionality of its industry-leading codec platform, the WorldNet Oslo. This new version, which will be demonstrated at IBC 2013, brings two main new benefits to the broadcaster: greater channel density and unique scripting & control capabilities.

The Oslo’s AoIP module combines audio, IP transport, management and auxiliary data (basically the complete functionality of a codec unit) onto a single, plug-in module. This newest version, 1.2, now supports Simplex modes, enabling the AoIP module to operate as either a Dual Stereo Encoder or Dual Stereo Decoder in addition to the existing duplex Stereo Codec mode. With four simplex channels per module, a single Oslo platform can now offer the broadcaster up to 16 or 32 channels of professional quality audio in only 1U or 3U of rackspace. This makes the Oslo an extremely cost-effective option for studio and transmitter sites handling multi-channel encode or decode.

As well as increasing the channel density, version 1.2 of the Oslo AoIP module also offers support for ScriptEasy, the intelligent scripting application from our partner company, Audemat.

ScriptEasy is a hugely powerful and flexible tool that enables a broadcast engineer to control not only the behaviour of their APT codec but also other equipment co-located at the codec site. The control goes much further than standard codec software, enabling the specification of complex combinations of alarm and events scenarios and the precise definition of what action should be triggered should any of these occur. This allows you to create and manage many individual back-up scenarios, remotely reconfigure units and receive confirmation of status as well as schedule specific changes to the configuration or streams.

ScriptEasy can also provide consolidated monitoring by aggregating data received via SNMP with controls from traditional I/O and summary data into a user-friendly dashboard view. This dashboard will provide simple graphical statuses of many different parameters across several units in your network.

“ScriptEasy takes codec control to the next level,” commented Christophe Poulain, Group VP Sales for WorldCast Systems. “One early adopter of Scripteasy on the AoIP codec has used the technology to create a complex scheduler, automatically connecting and disconnecting from multicast IP addresses to create a complete program schedule across numerous sites. Not only is Scripteasy the tool that creates the schedule it is also the tool that polices the schedule sending alarms to a central site should audio not be present on the correct decoder at the scheduled time. There are no other codecs on the market capable of such sophisticated management.”

The AoIP module in the Oslo 1U and Oslo 3U platforms will be on display on the WorldCast Systems’ stand 8.B50 during IBC 2013 in Amsterdam.

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