IBC 2013: Leader announces European introduction of S-Log2 option for LV5330, LV5380

Leader Instruments has chosen the 2013 IBC show in Amsterdam for the European launch of a major enhancement to its LV5330 video production monitor and LV5380 video multi-SDI signal analyser. Leader is adding support for the S-Log gamma correction system used in Sony’s  F65 digital cinematography camera.

“High-specification cameras such as the Sony F65 employ S-Log2 or similar gamma responses to extend the dynamic range of cameras almost to that of film while retaining the ease of use and flexibility of using a digital medium,” explains George Gonos, president of Leader Instruments Corporation. “Dynamic range is substantially improved and pixel count is hugely increased, requiring extremely accurate focus adjustment. With this new monitoring feature, the LV5330 and LV5380 are fully capable of emulating an S-Log display over the entire dynamic range.

“This enhancement gives digital cinematographers and high-end television content producers the ability to perform real-time signal monitoring with much greater confidence than when using a standard viewfinder. They also have access to a digital zoom function for making precise adjustments to focus. Production stills can be captured to a transferable USB memory together with the associated waveform and vectorscope display, for later reference or to ensure continuity of colour balance.

“An additional feature of the LV5330 is CINESEARCH, which can be used to adjust luminance level within a frame with very great precision. All content within plus or minus 0.5 per cent of a user-selected luminance level is portrayed in green over a monochrome equivalent of the full-colour original. Any areas of the image exceeding a user-defined maximum threshold are shown in red and anything below the assigned minimum displays as blue, making them very easy to identify. CINESEARCH can be used to correct luminance far more easily than with a traditional picture monitor or waveform monitor. It supplements Leader’s long-established CINELITE and CINEZONE features in the LV5330, making this by far the most powerful production tool for quality-conscious television content producers, not least those planning to upgrade to 4K.”

Designed for on-camera operation, the Leader LV5330 is compatible with over 20 HD-SDI/SD-SDI formats, including SMPTE 259M, 274M, 292M, and 296M. It has a 6 inch XGA TFT screen which can be set to display YCbCr, YRGB, YGBR, GBR or RGB luminance waveform, colour vector, five-bar, surround-sound level, status or video source. Freeze mode allows comparison of different SDI input signals. Thumbnail picture display can be selected with other multi-display operating modes for easy source identification. Input format, colorimetry, black burst or tri-level external reference input are auto-sensed.

The LV5330’s display panel is framed on three sides by clearly labelled pushbutton function selectors, plus three rotary adjustment controls and a forward-facing USB interface, making the LV5330 exceptionally easy to control. Additional features include signal status and protocol checks, user-settable error monitoring and detection, digital line-selection and menu control storage of 30 front-panel configurations. Screen shots, personalised presets and software updates can be communicated via detachable USB memory.

The LV5330 occupies a 215 x 128 x 63 millimetre housing, weighs 1.3 kilogrammes, and can be powered from mains or battery.

Leader’s LV5380 has a similar specification to the LV5330 plus a larger 8.4 inch XGA screen allowing more precise picture and waveform evaluation. Dimensions are 315 x 176 x 85 millimetres and weight is 2 kilogrammes. CINELITE and CINEZONE are options for the LV5380 and standard features of the LV5330. 

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