Snell Sirius router adds audio, control functions

The Snell Sirius 800 enterprise-class routing switchers with enhancements, including guaranteed co-timing of multi-channel audio on all channels, single reference switching for all formats, numerous control-related updates, and a technology demonstration of a new audio and video fingerprinting solution, will make their debut at IBC.

The Sirius 800 system on display will also feature frame synchronisation on the units’ Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP) input and output cards, an option that enables synchronisation, clean switching, and independent routing and processing of audio and video signals with no restrictions on signal formats, timing, or number of audio channels.

“The Sirius 800 router with AHP is known for its uniquely robust combination of flexibility and functionality, which together give users complete freedom in configuring signals in and out of the routing switcher,” says Alan Smith, product manager at Snell.

The unique new audio phasing control ensures constant delay, as well as guaranteed co-timing of multi-channel audio for all “same-format” signals across the whole router. In addition, a single reference for switching all formats simplifies system design and a line synchronisation mode allows re-timing and clean switching with minimal delay. Adjustable video and individual audio channel delays allow compensation for contribution channel and audio encoding/decoding delays. The audio and video fingerprinting demonstration is based on the company’s Hyperion monitoring and quality control technology that facilitates system-wide transmission-path lip-sync monitoring.

The availability of frame synchronisation on the routing switcher’s AHP cards makes it possible for every single input into the Sirius 800 router to have its own synchroniser, along with existing capabilities including track swap, gain, delay, and mixing capability for input-level correction, standard channel setup, Dolby 5.1 surround sound downmix, stereo-to-mono mix, output level adjustment, Dolby E delay compensation, video and audio timing delay correction, and sample rate conversion to house standard.

Giving users greater flexibility in managing and operating the system, new control updates incorporated into the Sirius 800 Series routing switcher include full dial-up support for audio track routing and processing with user configurable softpanels, and control from a wide range of BPX, XY, dial-up, and LCD button panels. As always, the Sirius 800 routing switcher is available with both fibre and coax interconnections.

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