ABonAir demos AB-MultiZone for seamless roaming coverage

With ABonAir’s robust wireless broadcast systems, broadcast professionals can transmit content directly from the field to the control center and reap the benefits of unique shooting angles, original content and flexible setups.

ABonAir’s AB-MultiZone allows for large, seamless roaming coverage. Colleges and universities often need to cover multiple venues simultaneously and places like race tracks and golfing events need to cover massive areas. ABonAir’s AB425 series promises to provide continuous, wide-areas coverage with a single receiver connecting up to 250 MIMO Fiber-based antennas, and roaming from one coverage-zone to another seamlessly and automatically without dropping a single pixel making expensive, complicated set ups a thing of the past.

In the past, broadcast productions had to carefully plan the camera path in advance, as they rarely moved from one zone to another during broadcast. One of the primary issues was the risk of link drop and broadcast discontinuity as the camera transitioned between zones. Production teams balked at the idea that wireless HD technology was the answer to covering massive areas and multiple venues with ease.

James Media Productions recently proved to one of their customers the superior quality of ABonAir’s wireless image by demonstrating it side by side with a wired image. Their customer was shocked to discover that the wireless image was superior to the wired image. In addition to the superior quality of their wireless image, ABonAir’s use of unlicensed frequencies reduces the cost of wireless broadcasting. The ease with which you can set up ABonAir’s wireless broadcast system allows production teams to start broadcasting within minutes enabling them to capture critical events as they happen.

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