Dalet xN reimagines media enterprise

Dalet Digital Media Systems, through Dalet xN, revealed the company’s long-term vision of the ever-evolving content supply chain.

“Dalet xN exploits both the technical and business benefits that cloud and virtualization make possible,” states Stephane Schlayen, chief operating officer, Dalet. “While the concept of migrating a workflow or specific element of one’s workflow to the cloud or virtualized environment itself is not revolutionary, Dalet xN solutions go beyond this by extending and augmenting cloud and hybrid environments to provide a truly dynamic and flexible business infrastructure.”

Derived from L’extension Nuage (French for “the extended cloud”), Dalet xN leverages the breadth and depth of the three Dalet platforms, Dalet Galaxy, Dalet AmberFin, and Dalet Brio, for media management, processing and acquisition, respectively, to provide business solutions, services, and applications for all levels of the media workflow, allowing users to reimagine the media enterprise and new business opportunities. Dalet xN is based on three key concepts: agile infrastructure, next generation operations and new business horizons.

Agile Infrastructure
Through smart management of physical and virtual technology, Dalet xN solutions allow content owners, creators and distributors to easily respond to resource needs and dynamically scale workflows, or parts thereof, at will. Accessible administration and user tools deliver the ease of use that users have come to expect from virtualised and cloud-based services and solutions.

Next Generation Operations
Intuitive mobile apps and web-based user interfaces combined with robust automation and advanced metrics reporting gives users more information and more freedom to be creative at every level of the business, from artistic tasks to business direction.

“Dalet has an understanding of the enterprise and thus provides synergy across all Dalet xN solutions,” comments Kevin Savina, director of product strategy, Dalet. “Whereas today many organizations offer a specific service or product that often puts limits on the type of workflow you can implement, Dalet offerings can be tightly integrated or loosely coupled to fit a user’s specific workflow needs. No longer do users need to be tied to their desk. With Dalet xN, they can be more mobile, more creative and more informed.”

New Business Horizons
With the ability to scale an enterprise workflow or components of it up and down at will, Dalet xN allows content owners to not only react to their changing environments, but to also innovate the many ways they interact with their suppliers, users or audience. By lowering the cost of the initial infrastructure investment required for new projects and project expansions, operators can explore new revenue streams and rethink the way they work in their own media supply chain, opening doors to new opportunities.

Savina explains, “You can provision for parts or all of your workflow tasks off-premise. What’s even more attractive is that you can turn it on or off as needed. This is ideal if you are increasing capacity for occasions such as covering elections or global sporting events where you need the additional infrastructure for a short period of time. It’s also ideal if you are launching a new media venture and want to minimize your investment while you test the waters. Dalet xN removes the overhead and provides the resources you need to grow, without the prohibitive upfront investment.”

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