DataDirect Networks unveils MEDIAScaler storage solution integration

DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced that its MEDIAScaler storage solution has been integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, Crossroads Strongbox, Green International Consulting, MediaPower, Tiger Technology and QStar Technologies. The collaborations offer customers open solutions that simplify and accelerate workloads, increase flexibility and reduce production time and cost.

“Large scale, geographically distributed workflows present an acute challenge for M&E companies contending with ever increasing data intensive workflows,” said Molly Rector, CMO, executive vice president product management and worldwide marketing, DDN. “Since its inception six months ago the MEDIAScaler solution has gained wide market traction as the powerful, shared storage system solves workflow challenges in rich media and enterprise applications, using Mac, Windows and Linux platforms for Avid, Apple, Adobe and other creative tool support, including 4K workflows.”

Tightly integrated with the capabilities of its media ecosystem partners, MEDIAScaler’s pre-certified solutions reduce time to market and bring a host of benefits to post-production and broadcast studios. DDN’s MEDIAScaler appliance offers the ability to scale to hundreds of petabytes while sustaining high mixed I/O performance, and is becoming the standard for media customers looking to tier, archive and collaborate across multiple environments for accelerated workflows and the fastest time to market.

Certified DDN MEDIAScaler Partners include:

Adobe Creative Cloud
DDN MEDIAScaler storage solution is now available to video production teams using Adobe Creative Cloud, providing performance, scalability and flexibility for collaborative media workflows. In collaboration with Adobe, DDN’s MEDIAScaler storage solution provides fifteen nines of reliability and near-zero administrative overhead along with concurrent access to content across global users.

DDN storage solutions integrate media workflows under a single global namespace, which allows users to create useful content faster, manage multiple projects in parallel and achieve a new level of commitment with their content. Real-time collaboration and the ability to tier to private, hybrid cloud and/or tape permit even greater flexibility. MEDIAScaler’s support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, and the other Adobe video applications allows users to reduce costs and improve ROI by shaving content delivery time, including 4K/UHD/HDR workflows.

Crossroads Systems
DDN offers an integrated, low-cost, LTFS tape archive tier in partnership with Crossroads Strongbox. The solution simplifies data preservation by DDN MEDIAScaler LTFS tape archive as part of a single storage solution. Offering seamless high-performance tiering to LTFS tape and the cloud, DDN solutions deliver the optimal cost/performance and cost/capacity for the entire media workflow.

Green International Consulting (GIC)
The seamless integration of GIC’s Digital Video Processor (DVP) with MEDIAScaler provides a high-performance, cost-effective solution for studios, networks, over-the-top content and post industries. The solution passed high bandwidth I/O tests for uncompressed 4K, UHD, HDR mastering and QC, and parallel transcode and delivery operations for a joint customer. Additionally, IMF, DCP, ProRes, and HEVC files were processed in real time while simultaneously analyzing audio, video and timed text (subtitle and caption) for both integrity and synchronization.

DDN MEDIAScaler and MediaPower AirGo create the most complete integrated layout solution for small and big broadcasters. The joint MEDIAScaler/AirGo solution is the perfect platform for managed playout services due to its massive scalability, enterprise features and information lifecycle management capabilities, integrating online storage, object storage, tape and cloud in a single platform.

Tiger Technology
DDN and Tiger Technology have developed a joint workflow solution that automates the assignment of the right data to the right type of storage at the right time, and allows users and administrators to increase the ability to work collaboratively, while keeping the cost of shared storage low. The integration of Tiger Series appliances with DDN MEDIAScaler storage, allows users to benefit from an efficient approach for automated data life-cycle management and collaboration that is easy to deploy, easy to use, and transparent to connected users.

QStar Technologies (QStar)
QStar and DDN have certified QStar’s Network Migrator to migrate files from various high performance storage solutions and across MEDIAScaler storage tiers based on preset policies, such as last accessed date. Files are then sent to QStar Archive Manager, which supports a variety of archive technologies including private/public clouds or LTFS tape, thus enabling seamless movement from DDN MEDIAScaler. In addition, the joint solution provides a number of optional advanced features including retention management, hashing and encryption.

DDN MEDIAScaler is a high-performance, file-based storage solution for today’s large scale rich media workflows. The solution provides concurrent access to content across global users while accelerating transcode, reducing hardware footprint and seamlessly integrating with the cloud. It is designed for massive numbers of concurrent users, enabling more than 10,000 simultaneous users both on-premise or in the cloud in a single hostname/namespace. Performance-optimized, MEDIAScaler can sustain performance at more than 90 percent system utilization, share high- and low-performance clients in a single storage infrastructure and provide intelligent cluster management to leverage the highest-performance node available at any given time. It also offers content protection and availability with integrated bandwidth-optimized replication options, snapshots, online capacity expansion.

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