Limelight Networks unveils significant enhancements to Orchestrate solution

Limelight Networks announced significant enhancements that simplify the delivery of video content with the Limelight Orchestrate solution for media and broadcasters. This cloud-based, integrated end-to-end workflow solution makes it easy for organizations to manage, publish, and deliver live and on-demand video content.

The new features enable better control of cached content, improve performance of long-tail content, convert live content automatically to popular mobile formats, and ensure uptime and availability of video delivery websites.

“In our OTT business, it’s essential that our vast video library is available on every connected device, with broadcast quality, and to customers around the world,” says Stefano Flamia, chief technology officer at Chili. “Limelight gives us the broadcast quality, reliability, scalability, and global reach that we need to drive our business growth.”

Limelight’s SmartPurge capability is “best in class” in the industry. It purges content across Limelight’s global network in near real-time. Limelight can remove unwanted content from the global CDN within seconds, making it inaccessible, and provide customers with detailed reports to verify that content was removed from cache. Recently, a customer purged over 2.6 million objects across Limelight’s global CDN in five seconds and in 25 seconds had a detailed report of what was purged.

MediaMover easily migrates origin content to Limelight’s cloud storage and supports customer choice of transparent or directed file replication. In the transparent method, cache misses on URLs trigger automatic copying of content to Orchestrate Storage. In the directed method, customers can provide Limelight a manifest of an entire library of content and when resources and time permit, Limelight copies files to its cloud storage without human intervention.

To ensure live content is mobile ready and viewable when, where and how viewers want it, device detection with secure automatic transcoding to all popular formats, including MPEG-DASH, is now available.

Additionally, Limelight’s DDoS attack interceptor provides multiple lines of defense to protect customers – proactive notification in the event of an attack, traffic scrubbing and protection from unplanned costs due to traffic spikes.

Together, these new features result in a powerful and optimized workflow for live broadcasters, OTT providers, Video-on-Demand providers and corporate producers of video content.

“We have made it even easier for media and broadcasting companies to deliver the highest quality of experience for live and on-demand video to any device anywhere,” says Nigel Burmeister, vice president of marketing at Limelight. “Now quickly purging unwanted content, converting files and migrating data are no longer complex and time-consuming.”

In summary, key functionalities of the Limelight Orchestrate solution for Media and Broadcasters now include:

  • SmartPurge: Real-time purge makes content inaccessible globally even as it is being deleted from caches, accurately purging unwanted content from the global CDN within seconds.
  • Multi-Device Media Delivery (MMD) Live: Stream live media to multiple device platforms simultaneously. Limelight automatically transcodes or transmuxes digital content depending on the requesting device.
  • MediaMover: Regardless of library or file size, easily and efficiently migrate origin content to Limelight’s cloud storage. By storing popular assets in Orchestrate storage, media and broadcaster organizations can protect their origin from request spikes and improve the performance on cache miss through CDN-accelerated retrieval from cloud storage. Available later in 2015.
  • DDoS Attack Interceptor: Detects and mitigates network and application layer DDoS attacks.
  • Automatic Transcoding: Ensures live content is mobile-ready and viewable when, where and how viewers want it. MPEG-DASH is now supported along with all popular formats.

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