IBC 2016: Barnfind Technologies to intro record number of new products

Barnfind Technologies, manufacturer of a multi-functional, signal neutral fiber transport platform, will introduce broadcasters and production professionals to a record-breaking number of new and enhanced products at IBC 2016 in Hall 3, Stand B19. Additions and upgrades will be debuted that will add significant features and functionality to the Company’s core BarnOne and BarnMini families.

“Barnfind returns to IBC stronger than ever with an extremely successful financial profile that has increased each and every month in 2016 resulting in a healthy profit margin and landmark year for sales,” says Wiggo Evensen, Barnfind CEO. “Recent deliveries include high-profile events such as the world-wide competitive Games in Rio where 12 broadcasters are using our solutions, and European and World Championships including European Soccer leagues, MotoGP, and Formula1 races. And even though most of our business still comes from Broadcast and Telecom, Barnfind has expanded into many new market segments and won orders from organizations in telemedicine, cruise ships, and oil and gas. We are proud that our initial goals from our launch in 2010 have been met, and our positive cash flow has enabled us to develop the company and our products ahead of schedule, a great and unusual situation for a young company.”

barnfindEvensen continues: “This year’s IBC offers us the perfect opportunity to launch a number of new products that will greatly expand our BarnOne and BarnMini product lines. These additions will enhance our flexible, scalable solutions and provide customers with the tools to do more with less gear, in less space and spend less money. We will also be introducing new partners and employees who will help us continue the 100% growth this year that we have experienced every single year since the company launched.”

Product launch: BarnOne Stage Box Break-out panel system
Barnfind’s new Stage Box Break-out panel allows front panels to be customized based on the required connectors. A selection of eight modules will serve as connection points to one or more BarnOne or BarnMini units. All eight modules and the 2RU chassis are made of solid aluminum, with high performance connectors. Barnfind offers connectors for BNC’s, RJ45, XLR female and male, LEMO for Camera and Lemo for CCU, LC’s among others This solution makes installations simpler, safer and much more flexible.

Product launch: New BarnMini-05
The new BarnMini-05 is a compact way to combine an RS422/485, 4 x GPI and 4 x GPO, controllable via an Ethernet/SFP port. The unit can serve as an intelligent bridge between many third-party devices, for example transferring an RS422 signal or tally between two locations, or it can control an external optical changeover switch (BarnMini-06) in a redundancy setup. Triggers are easily set, and the module works well in conjunction with any BarnOne frames. BarnMini-05 is available as a standalone unit with a separate PSU, or mounted into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame that houses any combination of 16 BarnMini modules with a common PSU. BarnStudio, Barnfind’s control software, can be used to configure and monitor BarnMini-05.

Product launch: New BarnMini-06
Changeover switches are offered by many different vendors, but Barnfind has been at the forefront with their popular BT-OCS-2-LGX that can be mounted into a BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU chassis. Now the company is introducing a new optical changeover switch, the BarnMini-06, which is easier to integrate with the GPO devices that are found in broadcast applications since it can now provide its own power needed to drive the switch. This new device is also slightly smaller, and fits into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame instead of the BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU chassis.

Product launch: New BarnMini-07-04
Barnfind is introducing a 4-channel CWDM mux as part of the well-known BarnMini range of modules. The new unit was developed in response to requests for a module that could transport 4K over different mediums. This compact mux is an efficient and affordable unit and fits into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame, instead of the BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU chassis, saving clients both rack space and money.

Product launch: BarnMini-11
Barnfind has introduced the big brother to its popular BarnMini-01 solution that delivers simple and reliable point-to-point digital extension with the new BarnMini-11. With an exact same look, it offers support for up to 12G. The BarnMini-11 can handle 12G, 10G, 4K and any other video format with a lower data rate than 12G. BarnMini-11 was developed in response to a number of requests from broadcasters, as well as Telco clients. BarnMini-11 is equipped with re-clocker, just as BarnMini-01. It is available as a standalone unit with a separate PSU, or mounted into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame that houses any combination of 16 BarnMini modules with a common PSU.

Product launch: BarnMini-12
Following on the success of the company’ BarnMini-02 with 2 x SFP port for transceiver and capacity up to 3G SFPs, Barnfind has just released the new BarnMini-12, with support up to 12G capacity. The BarnMini-12 can handle 12G, 10G, 4K and any other video format with a lower data rate than 12G. It is equipped with re-clocker as the BarnMini-02. BarnMini-12 is available as a standalone unit with a separate PSU, or mounted into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame that houses any combination of 16 BarnMini modules with a common PSU.

Product launch: BTF1-10
Barnfind’s new BTF1-10 offers an 8-channel embedder and de-embedder for AES audio. The frame includes the standard main board with 16 x SFP ports and 8 x BNC top board and offers the same functionality as other members of the BarnOne family. The user can choose which of the SDI signals in the frame to use for (de) embedding.

Product launch: New HiLo SFP system for 36-Channel CWDM
Barnfind HiLo SFPs are designed to meet a need for higher density of signals in one single fiber. By using half of the spacing in each wavelength, the HiLo SFPs can double the capacity of the traditional CWDM bi-directional transmission. This enables a total of 18 bi-directional links (resulting in 36 channels on one single fiber). The HiLo SPFs are designed to be used with a standard optical CWDM multiplexer.

Barnfind introduces 18 x CAM-CCU on one fiber
Barnfind’s unique CAM-CCU transport solution has expanded from supporting 9 cameras to 18 cameras on a single fiber thanks to Barnfind’s new and innovative HiLo SFP system. The sophisticated and compact system eliminates the need for heavy and expensive cabling by allowing up to 18 cameras to be multiplexed into 1 single mode fiber for bi-directional traffic over long distances. An internal matrix router allows the user to switch any camera to any CCU. Other signals, such as MADI, SDI, SDTI, Ethernet, CVBS, AES, and ASI, can also be multiplexed into the same fiber. The total solution fits in only 2RU per side. Barnfind will be conducting live demonstrations of the CAM-CCU system at IBC.

Product launch: BarnOne with Web Server
Barnfind’s BarnOne solutions, which are currently operating in over 50 countries, will now feature a new control protocol — an integrated Web Server, offering users considerably more flexibility and user control.

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