ATEME Delivers Open-Source Implementation Supporting HEVC

ATEME, a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry, announced an open-source implementation of a software media player supporting High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is now available. Service providers and broadcasters are able to accelerate experimentation of the new HEVC Codec standard in the field.

GPAC is an open source media player that can be used to playback live or file-based audio and video content, and also to encapsulate and transmit such content as a stream. Those functionalities are now extended to files or streams encoded with HEVC, the latest video compression format standardized by ITU as H.265.

Jean Le Feuvre, Associate Professor at Telecom ParisTech, France and project leader for GPAC, commented: “GPAC has become an indispensable test bed for a broad range of experiments within our multimedia research projects. With this breakthrough HEVC feature set, we expect that GPAC will also serve the needs of content providers and telecom operators who wish to explore what the new codec can accomplish for their business ­ whether it is a reduction in bandwidth, or quality enhancements using the same bandwidth.”

GPAC has been validated with a 1080p High Definition content delivery chain. Work is now ongoing to extend the use cases to Ultra High Definition. “The support of HEVC in GPAC is a milestone for the broadcast industry, allowing us to move from relatively static demonstrations of the new codec to much broader and more meaningful field trials. ATEME has been an early supporter of HEVC features in GPAC and took an active part in the integration effort because this will help our clients assess the performance of our TITAN product line in HEVC,” said Jerome Vieron, Advanced Research Manager at

The TITAN File and Live transcoder with support for HEVC, used in combination with the GPAC player, will be on display in the ATEME booth #SU7102, in the NAB Show South Upper hall of the Las Vegas Conference Center, April 8-11, 2013.

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