AVIWEST to Introduce New Ultra-Compact Cellular Video Uplinks

Four new additions to the AVIWEST DMNG product range have been announced, namely: the DMNG PRO110 transmitter, QUAD optional external antennas, the Smartphone DMNG App and the DMNG Manager control & supervision platform.  All four will be introduced at the 2013 NAB Show.

The DMNG PRO110 is a core version of the established DMNG PRO100 designed for use with external modems. Packaged as a backpack, it has 10 USB ports and room for an internal battery. Four additional USB ports can be attached on an external hub allowing up to 14 parallel cellular connections. This version is intended primarily for applications where a cameraman or news crew wants the greatest possible flexibility in modem management.

The QUAD, meanwhile, is an optional wide-band and high-efficiency external antenna array to be used with DMNG PRO180 and DMNG PRO140. Positioned on the roof of the news crew vehicle, these antennas improve the resilience of the transmission when on the move.

The AVIWEST DMNG App is a mobile application that turns a smartphone or tablet into a live broadcast video camera. It enables in-the-field video professionals to stream live footage via WiFi or 3G/4G-LTE, or transfer pre-recorded video files from anywhere in the world to the DMNG Studio server back at the station. Fully integrated into the DMNG system, the application can be remotely controlled through the DMNG Manager, which enables an organisation to manage a large fleet of smartphones.

Finally, DMNG Manager is a new server application allowing Web-based remote configuration and control of any AVIWEST transmitter (DMNG PRO series cellular video newsgathering equipment, Smartphone DMNG App) and receiver (DMNG Studio). Settings and firmware can be transmitted wirelessly from the customer’s headquarters to AVIWEST systems on site as soon as the remote unit is switched on. DMNG Manager can also be used to perform remote configuration of transmissions between DMNG units and DMNG Studio receivers.

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