Digimetrics Eos Audio Normalizer Coming to Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0 and Kayak

The Digimetrics (Booth N3833) Eos Audio Normalizer plug-in is available for Digital Rapids’ (Booth SL5624) Transcode Manager 2.0 automated media-transformation software and Kayak dynamic workflow platform. It is slated to be available later this month.

Part of the Eos Audio Correction series, the Eos Audio Normalizer plug-in for Kayak-based applications is designed for measurement and correction of average audio loudness based on the ITU-R BS.1770 series of specifications — including EBU R128, ATSC A/85, and ARIB TR-B32 — enabling compliance with North American, European, Japanese, and other national regulations.

Combining the audio-measurement functionality of Digimetrics’ Aurora QC suite with dynamic-range compression (and optional makeup gain), the Eos Audio Normalizer plug-in ensures that volume isn’t simply turned down, that only the sections of audio that are out of compliance are adjusted. Dynamic correction uses a moving window to establish an audio level based on the LUFS weighting in the selected standard and then determines whether volume adjustment and/or dynamic-range compression should be applied to a specific window based on the LUFS, gate/range, and measure-window thresholds of that standard. Dynamic-range compression is applied using a soft knee filter, which is adjustable in the advanced settings of the Eos Audio Correction tools. Measurement and correction are handled in a single pass to maximize performance.

As an optional self-contained component integrating directly into the Kayak platform, the Eos Audio Normalizer can be incorporated quickly and seamlessly into customized, automated Transcode Manager 2.0 and Kayak workflows through the visual Kayak Workflow Designer. It can be used with any audio input format supported by Transcode Manager and Kayak.

Enterprise-class Transcode Manager 2.0 software blends media transformation and workflow processes while offering efficiency, scalability, and agility for applications from postproduction and archive to multiscreen distribution. Building on the benefits of the Kayak platform, it combines robust management tools, output quality, and format flexibility with adaptive, automated decision making; intuitive, visual workflow-design tools; dynamic deployment; fast, easy integration of new and emerging technologies; and third-party technology partners.

Kayak is also available as a comprehensive workflow-design and -development platform for systems integrators, software developers, and customers. Component-based architecture and rich, open ecosystem facilitate integration of new technologies; intelligent automation and dynamic deployment maximize processing efficiency, optimize resource utilization, minimize management effort, and reduce costs.

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