Digital Rapids Enhances Transcode Manager; Adds HEVC Support

Digital Rapids  is showcasing an array of enhancements for the recently released Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0 automated, high-volume media processing software and its underlying Kayak dynamic workflow platform at the 2013 NAB Show. New capabilities being previewed at the show include support for the HEVC (H.265) compression format; 4K Ultra HD encoding; Dolby(r) E audio decoding and more.

The new HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard significantly improves compression efficiency over the widely deployed AVC (H.264) specification. HEVC can reduce bandwidth requirements and file sizes by as much as 50% relative to AVC, lowering delivery and storage costs while enabling higher-quality viewing experiences, including higher-resolution service offerings beyond HD.

HEVC encoding is being previewed in Transcode Manager 2.0 with technology from Kayak ecosystem partner Vanguard Video. Vanguard’s ‘V.265′ HEVC codec will be available as a modular component integrating directly into the Kayak platform, enabling users to easily incorporate support for the new format into Transcode Manager and Kayak workflows.

Encoding for 4K Ultra HD distribution is also being demonstrated in Transcode Manager 2.0. 4K Ultra HD features four times the number of pixels (3840×2160) as 1080p HD frame sizes, enabling more immersive viewing experiences with corresponding displays.

Bolstering 4K encoding performance and other advanced encoding capabilities are new optimizations for 64-bit processors and operating systems within Transcode Manager 2.0 and Kayak. The expanded 64-bit support further extends the platform’s highly efficient multi-threaded architecture and optimizes memory usage, particularly beneficial for processing ultra-high resolution frame sizes. Modular workflow components designed for 64-bit operation can also interoperate seamlessly with 32-bit components within a single Transcode Manager workflow, maximizing flexibility while taking full advantage of available performance optimizations.

Other new additions to Transcode Manager 2.0′s extensive format support also being highlighted include Dolby E audio decoding; input support for media in the GXF and LXF container formats; GXF output support; and SDI ancillary data creation for inclusion as data tracks within interchange formats.

“Transcode Manager 2.0 and Kayak make it easier than ever before for users to integrate new technologies and functionality in response to new market trends, technology standards and opportunities. The new capabilities we’re unveiling here at the show are perfect examples of how Kayak provides a future-proof platform for both evolutionary and disruptive market changes,” says Darren Gallipeau, Product Manager at Digital Rapids. “Kayak’s catalog-based architecture and flexible deployment model also enable us to bring such capabilities to our customers on a feature-by-feature basis without the lengthy release cycles of typical ‘monolithic’ software upgrades, and we’re excited to be accelerating the pace of our advances.”

The complete range of Digital Rapids solutions is being showcased in booth number SL5624 at the 2013 NAB Show, April 8-11 in Las Vegas.

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