DTS Launches DTS-HD Layered Audio Technology

DTS (Booths SU8514) is introducing DTS-HD Layered Audio technology, designed to enable online media services to offer adaptive-bitrate audio streaming from a single encode. DTS is demonstrating the technology in conjunction with partners Manzanita Systems, Unified Streaming, and castLabs, streaming in MPEG-DASH.

DTS-HD Layered Audio creates and efficiently stores adaptive-bitrate audio streams from a single encode, allowing online media services to better accommodate the challenging network conditions of over-the-top broadband video streaming.

Manzanita Systems (Booth SU6908) has integrated DTS-HD Layered Audio into its Manzanita MP4 Multiplexer (MP4Mux v2.0), to be released in May.

Unified Streaming has implemented support for DTS-HD Layered Audio in its Unified Streaming Platform (USP), which provides real-time transmuxing (changing the container format) to enable a single source to feed output to a wide range of streaming formats. The USP was released at the end of the first quarter.

  • Benefits of DTS-HD Layered Audio include:
  • Enables adaptive-bitrate audio streaming at almost no additional cost from a single encode
  • Suitable for live streaming, eliminating the need to time-align multiple encodes of the same track at various bitrates
  • Smaller storage footprint than traditional adaptive-bitrate audio solutions 

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