General Cable’s Gepco 7.2-mm Hybrid Fiber Reduces Cable Size and Weight

General Cable is spotlighting new hybrid fiber cabling for mobile and permanent SMPTE applications. The Gepco HDC720HD 7.2-mm patent-pending fiber system is intended to solve durability issues associated with SMPTE camera cables in a smaller, lightweight design.

Construction of the HDC720HD eliminates the typical heavy-steel strength member, which often contributes to premature cable failure due to different expansion and contraction rates of the individual elements in the SMPTE hybrid fiber cable. In the HDC720HD, the steel is replaced by a Kevlar strength member that has the same pull strength of steel but is lighter and more flexible. The Kevlar expands and contracts at the same rate as the glass members. Using Kevlar also means the cable has virtually no memory, making it easier to pay off, lay flat, and wind back up on the drum.

For further durability, the HDC720HD has bend-insensitive fiber elements with very low attenuation and a bend radius of 0.2 mm — versus 2.0 mm for traditional single-mode fiber — with additional Kevlar protection around the individual fibers.

The outer braid is replaced with two 18 AWG drain wires, allowing the cable to be more flexible, lighter, and smaller in diameter. The master jacket is polyurethane, which is tougher than PVC for rugged outdoor use, and its glossy finish reduces pickup of dirt and debris from outside applications, making it easier to keep clean.

With a 31% smaller diameter and a 40% weight saving versus 9.2-mm cables, HDC720HD allows 300 m of cable on a drum in the same space and with less weight than 200 m of 9.2-mm cable occupies. 

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