Grass Valley Announces Software Upgrade for GV STRATUS

Grass Valley (Booth SL206) is launching a software update for its GV STRATUS nonlinear-production application framework. The update includes a powerful set of new tools offering increased functionality with a highly configurable user experience. Facilitating integrated end-to-end nonlinear production, GV STRATUS takes file-based productions to the next level by leveraging the combination of Grass Valley user knowledge, engineering excellence, and product portfolio.

Delivery of content for web platforms. GV STRATUS now assists in processing content for multiple types of destinations. A workflow engine permits triggers to be set manually at any point during productions or configured to automatically create transcoded video, rich metadata, and closed-captioning files for various Web-publishing needs. GV STRATUS makes this possible without complex processes and extra “glueware” that can be prone to errors and hard to maintain. The integrated GV STRATUS workflow engine and job monitoring ensures everything happens smoothly and transparently. This simplifies the editorial process by enabling program producers to deal with the distribution path — as well as the end-user experience — within the context of their existing workflow.

Integration with Grass Valley Smart Playout Center. Part of the GV STRATUS toolset for ingesting and preparing content, a new Segmentation tool enables users to manage content by marking segments in any clip to be imported downstream by the Cobalt playlist-management application to easily insert promos and commercials for playback. Another playout enhancement is that BXF traffic lists can now be used with GV STRATUS so that content can be linked to house numbers and permit Smart Playout Center to fetch selected content to the K2 Edge playout nodes for playback when needed. With the ability to archive content in MXF, a complete ingest/playout/archive workflow is managed by GV STRATUS.

Tag content from multiple ISO cameras. The current Channel Panel tool, which is capable of gang record with live monitoring of all ingest channels, has been extended with the addition of a single channel or ganged channels marking tool. While recording, operators can tag content on the fly. When recording from one or multiple cameras, marks can be inserted at points of interest with one click, and the marks are instantly available to all users with low-resolution browsers, low-resolution editors, and high-resolution editors.

Migration of Grass Valley Aurora systems. All archive content, proxy files, and metadata can be moved from an existing Aurora system to a GV STRATUS system. This permits a facility to have a smooth transition to a newer state-of-the-art news-production system without losing preexisting content.

Other enhancements include enabling users to accelerate searches and take greater control over their systems.

Because of its nature and design, GV STRATUS is helping users to mix more types of productions by using a unified production-asset–management system and toolset combination. This makes GV STRATUS the only solution capable of handling any kind of production need and establishes it as the benchmark in usability, thereby reducing training costs and enabling users to be more efficient.

“Content is no longer made for just one screen; operators now face a number of challenges in order to meet the demands of a more dispersed, multiscreen, multiplatform audience,” said Mike Cronk, SVP, marketing, at Grass Valley. “They need to be able to send content across numerous distribution channels at the same time, despite the varying requirements for image size, quality, and overall systems management.”

GV STRATUS is an application framework for nonlinear-production tools that media-production organizations use to increase productivity, reduce errors, and enhance the creative process. Unlike typical applications, each user is presented with a highly customizable interface with only the tools needed for their specific task and authorization level based on their login credentials. With GV STRATUS’s robust production-asset–management capabilities, content and rich metadata are captured and tracked throughout the lifetime of the asset, enabling efficient sharing and repurposing. In addition, because GV STRATUS has a powerful rules engine, workflow tasks may be easily automated, freeing users to focus on creating high-quality content. 

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