Ikegami and ARRI Launch HDK-97ARRI Production Camera With Digital-Cinema Image Quality

Ikegami (Booth C5108) has announced the availability of the new HDK-97ARRI broadcast-style production camera with digital cinema characteristics. It enables use of a large-format sensor in multiple-camera studio and field applications, including conventional broadcast-camera operation and classic video-operator control of multiple cameras.

The HDK-97ARRI was jointly developed by the engineering teams of Ikegami and ARRI. Centered on ARRI’s Super 35-mm CMOS sensor with associated support circuitry, the system provides such cinematic qualities as natural color rendering, exceptional dynamic range, and progressive frame rates like 23.98p. Broadcast-grade distribution is enabled with the Ikegami technology, via fiber transmission using up to 2-km SMPTE hybrid fiber/copper camera cable.

The HDK-97ARRI offers a combination of attributes, designed with innovations from both companies. The ARRI large-format front end offers a film-like, organic look characterized by extended, clean highlights; an extremely low noise floor; natural skin tones; excellent color separation; and a cinematic depth-of-field. Using large pixels and a custom-designed readout architecture, the 35-mm CMOS sensor demonstrates exceptional dynamic range. In addition, ARRI’s stainless-steel lens-mount system ensures super-stable flange focal depth between lens and sensor.

Ikegami seamlessly integrates this high-performance system with a docking-style camera head from its Unicam HD camera series. Powered by Ikegami’s latest 3G FPGA-based DSP, the HDK-97ARRI provides complete real-time control of all gray scale, color, and detail functions.

A new 3G transmission system transports video from camera head to CCU, as well as 3G transmission from CCU to camera head supporting Return video in HD, two channels of prompter video in SD, and (when using the CCU-970M) one channel of prompter video in HD. Other signals transported via the camera cable include two channels of intercom, two channels of program audio, two channels of microphone audio, genlock phase control, camera control, and external auxiliary data. And Ikegami’s 200-series remote-control system enables video operators to manage multiple cameras using OCP, MCP, network hubs, and more.

Additional features of the HDK-97ARRI:

  • Operation in standard and 3G formats, including 1080/23.98psf 4:4:4
  • Custom and cine gamma
  • Continuously variable ECC (electronic color temperature correction)
  • 2-in., 7-in., and 9-in. viewfinders available for studio and field applications
  • Electrical lens interface for PL lenses with servo iris (and servo zoom and focus)
  • Wide range of ARRI and vendor accessories

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