Linear Acoustic Awarded ‘Best of Show’ for Intelligent Dynamics

At NAB 2013, Pro Audio Review and Pro Sound News presented their ProSoundNetwork “Best of Show Award” to Linear Acoustic for their patented Intelligent Dynamics hybrid metadata processing, included in the AERO.2000 Audio/Loudness Manager and AERO.1000 Audio/Loudness Platform. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about receiving the Best of Show Award,” said Linear Acoustic Vice President and Executive Director Christina Carroll. “Intelligent Dynamics in our products is the final answer. As we have always said, ‘viewers are listening’, and now we can finally make content creators, broadcasters, and consumers unanimously happy.”

Intelligent Dynamics interprets authenticated loudness information, including Dolby Evolution (EVO) data, which can reside in several places within baseband and encoded audio streams. This allows the programming itself to determine the amount of processing needed and is non-codec specific. Well-produced, trusted content passes through with no additional processing, while content whose loudness measurements have not been verified can still be properly controlled. Broadcasters can set the conditions for Intelligent Dynamics to automatically select permanent processing (via traditional single-ended methods), fully reversible processing (via metadata), or any combination in between. Intelligent Dynamics also enables single-inventory content to be automatically tailored for delivery via over the air (OTA), over the top (OTT), mobile, Internet and any future system. Consumers can finally enjoy audio that is tailored to their liking and thus naturally compliant. 

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