Linear Acoustic Unveils Intelligent Dynamics Automatic Processing

Linear Acoustic (Booth N3438) is showcasing its Intelligent Dynamics hybrid metadata processing, featured at no additional cost as part of the Linear Acoustic AERO.1000 audio/loudness platform and AERO.2000 audio/loudness manager.

Intelligent Dynamics is a combination of two technologies. The first is a portion of the new Dolby Intelligent Loudness system, which measures and incorporates authenticated loudness data, called Dolby Evolution (EVO) data, within the audio at each stage of the chain from production onwards.

The second technology, developed by Linear Acoustic, creates new metadata dynamic range control via traditional processing techniques, resulting in a hybrid that can be set to permanent (via traditional single-ended processing), reversible (via metadata), or anywhere in between. Dolby EVO data is then used to control the degree and type of processing applied to the audio.

Most current television audio processors control loudness by managing dynamic range in real time. This effectively manages “boundary issues,” such as commercials following a quiet program segment, but also compromises the impact and excitement of intentionally dynamic scenes because all programming gets some degree of permanent correction.

Audio-transmission formats like Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby Digital Plus already incorporate metadata dynamic range control (DRC) profiles, which can provide some control, but these profiles are not ideal for broadcast audio and often result in significant over- or under-processing if other metadata parameters are not correct.

Intelligent Dynamics overcomes these compromises and enables audio to be processed to the degree and permanence dictated by the programming itself.  The content effectively and automatically controls the processing and eliminates the need for further downstream changes that could irreparably change it.

The result is audio tailored to consumers’ liking using existing Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus decoders. 

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