NAB 2013: MultiDyne To Unveil New Multiplexer, Fiber-Optic Transport

MultiDyne will showcase its comprehensive range of innovative, fiber-optic-based video and audio transport solutions designed specifically for pro A/V and broadcast applications. New to NAB Show this year are MultiDyne’s powerful HD-18000 CWDM multiplexer, FS-18000 Fiber-Saver, and 4K-4000 fiber-optic transport solutions, all of which are now shipping.

130208 - MultiDyne - FS-18000

FS-18000 Fiber-Saver Portable CWDM Remapper/Multiplexer

HD-18000 CWDM Multiplexer 
MultiDyne’s HD-18000 CWDM multiplexing system enables users to transport up to 18 HD-SDI signals per singlemode fiber. Portable and easy to use, the platform is intended to transmit multiple high-bandwidth signals in harsh operating environments and can easily support emerging 4K applications, providing users with the capability to transport up to four 4K signals with one fiber. Designed for OB, fixed facility link, cross-campus network, and centralized control room applications, the system optimizes transmission anywhere signals need to be trunked — offering users a compact, cost-effective, multichannel solution for extending SDI transport.

FS-18000 Fiber-Saver Portable CWDM Remapper/Multiplexer
At the 2013 NAB Show, visitors to MultiDyne will get a first peek at the new FS-18000 Fiber-Saver, a CWDM remapper/multiplexer that transports up to 18 digital optical or SDI signals over a single fiber, simplifying the transport of additional signals in remote locations where there is an insufficient amount of available fibers. Using the FS-18000 Fiber-Saver, a user can input any digital optical signal, with a data rate of up to 4.25Gb/sec. All 18 signals are transmitted over one fiber. The receiver then outputs each of the 18 signals individually. The FS-18000 Fiber-Saver is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including sports broadcasting, shared control rooms, and remote studios/STLs, and has been enhanced to support 4K digital television.

4K-4000 Fiber-Optic Transport System
Also on display at the 2013 NAB Show will be MultiDyne’s new 4K-4000 fiber-optic transport system. Designed to address the tremendous data requirements involved with delivering 4K digital television, the 4K-4000 enables users to transport a 4K signal over one singlemode fiber. The cost-effective unit is portable or rack-mountable, offering users a high degree of flexibility. There is also a card version for the openGear platform with SNMP management and redundant power.

130208 - MultiDyne - SilverBack-II

SilverBACK-II With JUICE Camera-Mounted Fiber Transport Solution

SilverBACK-II With JUICE Camera-Mounted Fiber Transport Solution 
MultiDyne’s signature SilverBACK-II with JUICE is the cost-effective, camera-mounted fiber transport solution capable of transmitting any camera signal, including HD-SDI video, audio, control data, GPIOs, tally, and power over a single hybrid fiber and copper cable without relying on local power or batteries. Featuring an elegant, compact case measuring just over one inch thick, the SilverBACK-II with JUICE eliminates operator fatigue in the field by providing users with a lightweight, remote powering system that can be seamlessly integrated onto any camera. Ideally suited for news, sports, ENG, D-SNG, OB, and multicamera studio applications, the SilverBACK-II with JUICE can transport SDI video up to 3G HD-SDI uncompressed with embedded or separate program audio. A return video option also supports up to 3G HD-SDI video for viewfinder or monitor viewing, providing a high-quality viewing experience for users in the field. In addition, the unit enables operators to achieve camera control/RCP paint functions through one of the three available data channels. An additional back channel is available for camera sync or genlock. Several options are available for optical connectivity including STs, Neutrik opticalCon, Fibreco Mini MX expanded beam, and Lemo 304M.

SMPTE-HUT Hybrid Universal Transceiver
MultiDyne will highlight its SMPTE-HUT universal camera transceiver at the 2013 NAB Show. Designed to increase the transmission distances of HD cameras that can be distance-limited by hybrid copper/fiber cabling, this high-performance transport system is ideal for remote broadcasting, sports, shared control rooms, campus facilities, arenas, and stadium applications. The SMPTE-HUT cost-effectively enables full camera operation in even the most rugged broadcasting environments, extending transmission ranges up to 10km on just two single-mode fibers.

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