Partnerships Are a Focus at Vizrt Booth

Vizrt (Booth SL3305) is highlighting its technology’s interaction and integration with a variety of partners. With Trendrr , it’s showing how the complementary technologies create an end-to-end Social TV platform that lets broadcasters show viewers what’s trending in social media within real-time on-screen graphics. With Adobe, the integration between Viz Media Engine and the upcoming version of Adobe Premiere Pro software features new enhancements.

With Trendrr.TV, Trendrr offers a real-time platform for analyzing social data around television, media, and brands. Trendrr.TV analytics can parse voluminous social data by gender, viewpoint, geo-location, or any social strata or demo. The data can also show the level of social activity, when it’s surging or waning, and correlate heightened activity with specific events or topics.

Trendrr.TV data can be fed to Vizrt’s live-broadcast-graphics systems for real-time display: Viz Artist for 3D graphics design, Viz Trio CG graphics system; Viz Content Pilot, a template-based graphics system; and Viz Engine, a real-time HD video and 3D graphics compositing and rendering system.

Vizrt’s integration with Adobe Premiere Pro gives editors more-efficient access to source material by allowing them to search and select from Viz Media Engine directly within the panels in Adobe Premiere Pro. This integration has been further enhanced for even more efficiency in the workflow and better integration for Mac users.

Metadata is key to searching for content in the Viz Media Engine, and the integration with Adobe Premiere Pro has been enhanced to include fields for adding rich metadata directly within the Viz Media Engine panel. The metadata is stored as part of the media file in Viz Media Engine and enables assets to be found quickly.

Vizrt has improved the integration between Viz Media Engine and Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac OSX. The user interface for Viz Media Engine is now easier to use and offers a parity to how the integration functions on PC platforms.

The full integration will also be on display at Adobe’s booth, SL3910.

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