Ross Video OpenGear 3.0 Set for Launch With New Control System

Ross Video, the company behind the openGear standard will launch openGear 3.0 at NAB 2013. The 3rd generation of this fast growing platform consists of a new powerful frame and companion control system: DashBoard 6 with panel builder. DashBoard 6 takes openGear control to the next level with many new features – including the revolutionary PanelBuilderTM. PanelBuilder makes building complex custom control panels for openGear systems as easy as click-drag-drop. Control buttons, signal presence indicators, audio meters and other openGear controls from any card in the openGear network and monitoring widgets, can be arranged on a screen and overlay backgrounds of a map or facility flow diagram.

The new OG3-FR frame WITH 450 Watt power supplies doubles the power budget of the previous generation, adding gigE Ethernet connections to every slot in the frame. A front mounted display makes identifying frame IP address and critical alarms easy, while an advanced cooling system provides variable fan speed that is controlled by frame loading that maintains airflow and frame temperature.

An additional 22nd slot has also been provided for frame specific storage such as slot names and IP address, and for providing an integrated reference distribution system. The front door offers easy access to the internal air filter for cleaning, and is completely removable without the use of tools – making fan maintenance manageable without having to take the frame offline. Full backwards compatibility with existing openGear solution is also maintained, which allows for a simple and easy migration path.

“This is the natural evolution of our openGear platform. Looking forward, a platform must be able to manage solutions that are becoming more complex, more condensed, and more capable of using IT infrastructures,” explains Eric Goodmurphy, Director of Infrastructure business, Ross Video. “The new OG3.0 openGear platform is designed for the future of broadcasting and production.”

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