Wohler RadiantGrid Previews New Video-Process Platform

Wohler Technologies (Booth N3729) has announced that the initial release of RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform version 8.0 will feature high-impact enhancements including full broadcast gamut-color legalization and high bit depth within native color spaces.

With these capabilities, RadiantGrid 8.0 will automate broadcast-gamut color legalization within the transcoding workflow and support up to 16-bit 4:4:4:4 YUV video while managing frame-level metadata, such as field order and anamorphic aspect ratios. All enhancements will be available without expensive hardware or software upgrades. 

RadiantGrid offers a highly efficient solution for transcoding, standards conversion, and audio processing in such applications as loudness correction, quality control, and distribution of media. At the heart of the platform is RadiantGrid’s TrueGrid parallel-processing engine, which provides faster-than-real-time content transformation, particularly for long-form content requiring multiple processes to be run concurrently.

Targeting broadcast users, the addition of gamut-legalization options, now part of RadiantGrid’s “detect-and-correct” capabilities, ensures that any input into the processing pipeline can optionally be legalized for broadcast upon output. Providing users with such options as RGB only, RGB+Y (enabling EBU R103-2000 and DPP compliance), Composite (NTSC and PAL) domain, and other combinations, the RadiantGrid platform will fix the problem and deliver a transcoded output ready for air.

For film preservation and other applications requiring high-end video standards, high-bit-depth color support allows users to work in the native color range without compromise. RadiantGrid users can transcode content with confidence that the output will reflect original colors with the same degree of precision. RadiantGrid also makes these capabilities work in sync with the Cinnafilm plug-in available for high-quality frame-rate management in a hybrid CPU/GPU environment.

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