NAB 2016: Aspera To Showcase New High Speed Transfer Software

Aspera, an IBM company (SL4910), will showcase the new FASP 3.6 version of its high-speed file transfer software and workflow automation solutions for the broadcast and media industries including new joint solutions powered by Aspera FASP.

Aspera pioneered high speed, secure file transfer over commodity Internet WANs for the media and entertainment industry at NAB 2004. In the decade since the media supply chain has come to depend upon high-speed transfer in virtually every workflow. Cloud computing and storage are now ubiquitous, and the pace of production now demands instant-on transfer services.

To meet the needs of the evolving media landscape, twelve years later at NAB 2016 Aspera launches a second era of innovation with significant new capabilities in the FASP 3.6 platform:

New stream APIs enable high-speed predictable transfer of live video and data streams over Internet WANs. Read and write file data as an input or output stream, rewrite sections of files during transport, and transport live video over long distance networks.

A new transfer system allows tenants to privately manage storage for Aspera transfers via a new access key system, and all public and private cloud storage systems, as well as SAN/NAS/local storage are supported.

A new ‘ascp4’ transfer application combines multi-threaded IO with the FASP protocol to transfer at 1 million files per minute, the equivalent of 10 Gigabits per second for DPX files transferred around the world. New multi-node transfers allow mass data transfers to cloud storage clusters (e.g. 120 Terabytes migrated per day).

A new cross-platform directory watchfolder service with fast, scalable file system notifications automates file, directory, and growing file transfers, supports ordered delivery of files and metadata, and centralizes management in the Aspera Console. Thelatest Aspera Sync bidirectional synchronization software now supports cloud storage, and is supported by the new Aspera Proxy.

Aspera’s unique high-speed transfer with cloud storage now supports ten different object stores, adding HDFS, IBM Cleversafe, NetApp Cloud and the AWS GovCloud, to SoftLayer Swift, AWS S3, Azure BLOB, Google Storage, Akamai NetStorage, and Limelight Object Storage.   Many new features enable faster performance and better security and functionality, including the Autoscale Transfer Cluster Manager software that automatically scales the number of Aspera server nodes for client transfer demands up and down based on user-defined policies and SLAs.


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