NAB 2016: Brainstorm Broadens U.S. Customer Base With Real-time Graphics Systems

Brainstorm (SL4617) continues to add new clients in the U.S. with diverse profiles and gains more attention in the media. Furthermore, long-standing existing customers like CNBC have committed to partner with Brainstorm for on-air graphics for at least another two years supporting 290 individual users and 4,900 HD graphics per day. 

brainstormBrainstorm also continues to strengthen it’s reseller network in the US. This month Brainstorm highlights Burbank-based Key Code Media on working together with a new and diverse range of customers including Triode Media Group, Pasadena Media, California State University, V Channel and more.
Triode Media Group has chosen Brainstorm for their brand new facility in Lancaster, PA. Along with the decision to purchase a Newtek TriCaster, Triode also wanted to stand out from other TriCaster virtual studio facilities by enhancing their production value in order to offer something unique in the market.
“Triode chose Brainstorm after an extensive search because of their service platform and the TrackFree aspect of Infinity Set” says Peter Scudner, Chairman of Triode Media Group. “TrackFree provides a means to create very realistic camera movements without having to have camera tracking systems.”
Infinity Set also provides flexibility to easily add camera tracking in the future to one or all cameras with the existing system. As well as integrating Infinity Set with TriCaster in a live production environment, Triode is able to record ISOs for every camera angle together with real-time rendered set and talent in case there is ever a need to touch up or replace any shots or transitions in postproduction.
Brainstorm’s products are intended for a wide variety of users. In this regard, Pasadena Media, a community media channel in Pasadena, CA, selected Infinity Set to upgrade their existing NewTek Tricaster capabilities to provide real-time 3D virtual studio productions, complete with a new professionally designed custom virtual set. The new production capabilities with Infinity Set enables Pasadena Media to move virtual cameras or presenters freely in real-time as they would do with a physical set. This provides them with much greater flexibility and speed during production which is also very easy to operate with a touchscreen panel in the control room.
Brainstorm’s products are also able to meet requirements in the higher education sector. Spring 2016 marks the first California State University campus to offer Brainstorm’s award winning breakthrough technology. The team of Avila, Vinovich, Mahler, Congreve, and Jenkins of California State University Dominguez Hills, located in Carson, California, have made use of Infinity Set in order to teach students to infuse real-time 3D virtual studio productions into their projects for Digital Media Arts.
“Brainstorm was a no-brainer. It is feature rich, the technology is engineered through an approach that is unrivaled; so choosing Infinity Set as the backbone of our Virtual Effects Sound Stage met our production aspirations,” says William Jenkins, M.Ed.
Also in California, V Channel is a shopping channel based in Los Angeles which broadcasts in the U.S. and the UK and anywhere in the world on mobile apps. Their virtual studio of choice was Infinity Set while also utilizing other Brainstorm products which work seamlessly together, including Aston for all on-air graphics creation and CG with a Photoshop plugin and OnDemand for creating rundown lists and controlling graphics playout.
“We take pride in our flexibility and ability to satisfy a wide range of customers,” says Brad Rumler, VP of Sales in the United States and Canada. “Brainstorm is keeping up the momentum as we expand throughout the US, making sure that our customers receive not only the highest-quality products, but also the best customer support.”

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