NAB 2016: Pliant Technologies Intros CrewCom Highly Scalable, Flexible Wireless Intercom

Pliant Technologies (Booth C12719) has launched CrewCom professional wireless intercom. The first product of the new professional products division of CoachComm, CrewCom is based on a new technology platform designed to handle almost any application from simple out-of-the-box solutions to large-scale designs for broadcast, live sound, and industrial environments. It is a versatile communications solution built on a highly scalable platform in which a family of products using a proprietary network.

Pliant Technologies CrewCom

CrewCom professional wireless intercom is designed for a wide variety of applications.

“No one is doing wireless the way CrewCom does it: CrewCom will revolutionize the way professionals think about wireless intercom,” says Pliant Technologies CEO/founder Peter Amos. “Drawing on our experience and feedback from developing our industry-leading Tempest wireless intercom, Pliant has created an all new, groundbreaking technology platform for that will quickly set a new standard of RF performance and system expandability.”

Called CrewNet, the new proprietary network coordinates and transports all system timing, audio, signaling, and controls. It is capable of operating over standard Cat 5e (or greater) and/or single-mode–fiber lines, breaking the current barriers for wireless-intercom range and expandability. In addition, CrewCom’s graphic software, called CrewWare, is designed to be highly intuitive and provides comprehensive offline configuration, online control, and real-time monitoring of all system components. These new software tools augment CrewCom’s ease-of-use and flexible system scalability.

CrewCom wireless products are available in the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz spectrum (900 MHz is limited to where this band is legal). Any combination of these frequency ranges may be simultaneously used on the same CrewCom system, enabling global-friendly, dependable RF coverage where needed and displaying a consistent user interface throughout the system. This enables the system to easily adapt to the RF challenges facing production and entertainment professionals worldwide.

The CrewCom system architecture permits a high density of users with an easily manageable infrastructure and lower cost per user than is typically found in large-scale wireless installations. The system consists of a range of CrewCom products that work together to enhance the capability of intercom system administrators, designers, integrators, and users.

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