NAB 2016: Ross Video Previews ‘Smart Production’ Approach

Ross Video announced that it is planning its biggest NAB in the company’s history.  Following the theme of Smart Production, Ross will be showing how its technologies, services and expertise can help customers achieve their creative, business, and technical goals on Booth #N3705. 

Ross displays at NAB will be a creative playground, showing complete systems and workflows for Virtual Sets, Automated Production, Graphics Creation & Playout, News Editorial, Stadium Display Production, Legislative Systems, and much more.

Every Ross product family is bringing significant new product enhancements and major new product introductions to NAB this year.  Ross’ scientists, engineers, and creative teams have been busy – the following is just a preview of some of the exciting things that will be on the booth from Ross this year.  There will be more exciting announcements closer to show time.

Production Switchers
Carbonite, leading mid-size production switchers, will show the new Carbonite Black control panels, now available on all models as well as a host of new features with version 12.0 software. One of the cool feature additions is Multi-Panel operation, an unprecedented feature in this segment of the switcher market.  It enables users to operate their Carbonite ME, MiniMEs, or MultiScreen outputs from multiple control panels and DashBoard control points. This configuration is ideal for Live Event and House of Worship applications.

Also in version 12 are powerful new media transitions, now easily created by combining graphical animations with background dissolves, wipes and DVE moves without the need for complex macro and memory creation. As well, Carbonite 4K production capabilities have been expanded, now permitting DVE use in 3G / 4K modes when background up conversion is not required.

The largest Ross Production Switcher Series Acuity, designed to meet the challenges of the world’s biggest productions, is being shown with integrated IP (Internet Protocol) 10Gb/s I/O capabilities. This solution provides a direct connection into the Evertz IP routing environment without requiring a top of the rack gateway. Acuity IP I/O is compatible with the Evertz ASPEN and SMPTE 2022-6 encapsulation standards for media integration within IP networks and is plug-and-play with the Evertz Magnum control system.  Acuity with ASPEN I/O will be showing in the ASPEN Community booth.

Acuity is now shipping its MultiProcessing input card which adds a super-useful set of production features including: frame syncs, multi-viewers, proc amps, color correctors, format conversion, and virtual set input delay adjustment.

Graphics Systems
XPression, a rapidly adopted real-time motion graphics and production clip server platform, continues swift development, adding features to extend its functionality to address new applications and workflows.

XPression has added new user interface enhancements for 3D design, easier clip looping, and faster animation control.

The XPression MOS Plug-in works with all the popular news editorial systems and makes it easy for journalists to prepare graphics and clips for news programs.  The new version of this Plug-In will be at NAB.  It has been significantly upgraded, adding a number of new features making it easier and faster to build graphics for a news show.  Improved thumbnail viewing, more user input controls, storing of templates as favorites, and project notifications to make journalists aware of template updates are just a few of the new things that have been added. XPression Clips content is now visible in the MOS Plug-in for browsing and recall to full-screen or inclusion in XPression templates, and the Ross Streamline media asset manager browser is now embedded right inside the XPression MOS Plug-in.

Adobe XMP Metadata is now available for use inside XPression. Available for entry in every Adobe software tool, XMP metadata can be used to automatically populate text, or make scene changes like color changes and image replacements. This integration becomes even more powerful when combined with XPression’s Visual Logic functionality, providing an unsurpassed level of in-scene automation.

Rocket Surgery
Rocket Surgery, Ross’ Creative Services Team, is  showing their latest design work for XPression.  Rocket Surgery produces custom graphics packages for news, elections, sports stadiums, and virtual sets, as well as having off the shelf packages available for purchase from the Ross website.  Those gearing up for elections later this year will want to stop by.

Media Asset Management
Version 3.1 of the Streamline media asset management application introduces tight workflow integration with XPression Clips for seamless playback operation and automatic transcoding into the highly efficient XPression codec, as well as a complete integration with OverDrive automated production control systems. Streamline also has many improvements for graphics asset management, including folder structures, implicit metadata profiles and support for Adobe XMP based metadata in assets.

XPression Trackless Studio, launched at IBC is making its North American debut at NAB.  XPression Trackless is a purpose-built solution for cost-effective virtual production without requiring camera tracking. It’s built on top of XPression to be a cost-effective solution for bringing virtual environments to a whole new set of users. Trackless Studio permits users to perform dramatic virtual camera moves, utilize multiple cameras, perform transitions, add live inputs, trigger real-time 3D graphics, recall clips or still images, and create macros for complex events. XPression Trackless Studio uses stationary physical cameras instead of encoded camera heads or optical tracking systems, and with camera movement handled by virtual cameras inside of the XPression scene.

openGear, the industry-standard platform of choice for modular signal processing, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Ross Video is proud to be awarded a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for openGear.

The openGear SPG-8260 Sync Pulse Generator is now available with a true AES Word Clock output with a new version, the SPG-8260-W. It is ideal for synchronizing both video and audio devices.

As a flexible GPI input/output processor, the new openGear GPI-8941 permits general purpose interfaces to be integrated via Serial, TCP/IP and DashBoard CustomPanel interfaces. Suitable for a wide variety of system interfacing and control tasks, this card comes with up to 32 fully isolated interfaces that support both wet and dry GPI types.

The new Ultrix Routing System, the ultimate connectivity platform will make its NAB debut. Supporting 12G SDI for single link UHD routing and incorporating software upgradable features including Ultriscape multiviewers and the Ultrimix embedded audio routing and processing matrix, Ultrix brings high-end router capabilities to cost-effective compact routing systems.

Version 6.0 of the industry-leading MC1 Master Control Switcher is being shown. This software upgrade adds support for Ultrix Routing systems and an array of third-party routers through industry-standard control protocols.

Ross Robotics Furio RC, the popular remote control dolly system for live stage productions, can now be purchased as a Pan/Tilt head only system, without the dolly.  This package is ideal for remote control Pan Tilt head applications such as concert halls, houses of worship, or sports venues where speed and responsiveness are critical.

The SmartShell 4 Robotic Control and Management application has expanded functionality with added support for Grass Valley Ignite and Sony ELC automated production systems, in addition to Ross OverDrive and Viz Mosart. The number of video routing protocols has been greatly expanded, XY floor limits for the CamBot 700XY have been implemented, and robotic control and camera control of Hitachi and Panasonic box cameras is integrated through DashBoard to provide a single, consolidated control station. A number of new usability features have been added including drag-and-drop in the matrix, the use of hard panel buttons for triggering presets or moves, and a new Time knob for adjusting the duration of presets.

Camera Tracking for Virtual Production
SolidTrack, first shown at IBC, is a visual camera tracking system for use on handheld, Steadicam, and other types of camera systems where mechanical tracking solutions aren’t practical or available.  SolidTrack opens up a wide array of new opportunities for adding virtual and augmented reality to broadcast and live event productions. Based on a patented optical tracking technology, SolidTrack delivers accurate real-time tracking data for any camera, without the need for fixed markers or other complex and bulky infrastructure.

A small tracking camera with integrated gyro is mounted on the production camera.  The tracking camera sends video, gyro, and lens data back to an image analysis computer via an interface box. The computer runs SolidTrack real-time image analysis software to extract tracking data by building a 3 dimensional ‘point cloud’ of high contrast reference points in the image. Even in environments with limited contrast, such as a green screen, optional infrared targets are available to provide reliable reference points without being visible in the set.

News Editorial
Inception News, the modern newsroom computer system from Ross is  launching version 10 at NAB, the biggest release since its introduction just over two years ago.  This release includes full localization and language packs, new ways to create and share content, and some other major new features to be announced at show time.

In version 10, the Inception API and SDK are being released.  The API enables developers, partners, customers, and resellers the ability to add new core features and integrate other systems into Inception.  This is a feature that programmers will love, and a great advantage for users that wish to tailor the solution to the unique needs of their operations, and leverage the wealth of content created in Inception to other uses across the enterprise.  This level of customization is only available in Inception due to its modern design and architecture.

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