NAB Perspectives: Bexel Sees Expertise as Difference Maker

Bexel Global Broadcast Solution’s NAB presence was once again within the larger Vitec Group stand which once again highlighted plenty of technologies but also Bexel’s ability to leverage those technologies with its own engineering, production, and integration expertise. “Our strategy over the past few years has been around specialization and aligning our asset base with our engineering expertise for things like flypacks, fiber, intercoms, and even specialty cameras and high-speed super slo-mo camera systems,” says Craig Schiller, Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions, VP of Sales.

BexelThe type of projects that Bexel is involved with is wide ranging, including everything from the Super Bowl to the Oscars to reality TV shows and to both the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer.

“It comes down to the specialists we have on our team who know how to make the projects work,” explains Schiller. “And our clients are changing and we continue to add a lot of value in areas where they don’t have the expertise. The value we bring is not just the technology but the services.”

With the industry seemingly poised to transition to technologies like 4K, HDR, and IP over the next two to four years Bexel is poised to help support those efforts and minimize their client’s financial risk. For example, like some of the other rental and remote production facility providers in the market a long-term contract with a client can open the door to next-generation technologies but Bexel also can sell equipment that might not have been fully depreciated

“Our disposal group lets us sell equipment that we might only use for two seasons to other markets and that mitigates the risk a little bit,” he explains. “It is risky to be a pioneer but I think we balance it fairly well and are in touch with so many different projects and key people at the networks that we get a good feel for where things are going. And all the Vitec Group brands can collaborate and share information with regards to the direction of the market.”

For example, Bexel is currently involved with the inaugural season of the Professional Rugby Organization, a five-team league in the U.S.

“We’re lucky enough to be partnering with Hawkeye, providing all of the support around their core infrastructure, like the production vehicle, monitor walls, cameras, support, and engineering,” says Schiller. “And we’ve also supported the NBA’s D-League and other groups that use smaller systems.”

At the other end of the scale are the Academy Awards, a production that taps Bexel’s production expertise as well as fiber and cabling skills.

“And the Copa 100 this summer has a lot of opportunities for us,” he adds.

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