STATs and wTVision combine

Katzubes: "We could not be more pleased."

STATS LLC and wTVision have started working together to couple STATS’ SportVU player tracking system with wTVision’s Football Stats CG during football broadcasts, most recently providing on-air player tracking graphics for all 31 matches of the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011.

STATS’ SportVU player tracking system utilises a sophisticated technology to collect X, Y, Z positioning data of the ball and participants (players and referees) within the playing field in realtime. Coupled with wTVision’s graphics, the media-rich tracking content was available at the Asian Cup to host broadcaster World Sports Group on multiple platforms (broadcast, web and mobile) which STATS says enabled new sponsor opportunities and revenue streams for rights holders.

The open architecture STATS has created around its SportVU player tracking allows third-party technology vendors to integrate with SportVU’s realtime tracking data and create customer specific solutions with minimum development efforts. The new open architecture offers numerous benefits, says the company, including:

  • The ability to integrate directly with leading rendering engines to develop three types of output: realtime statistical data integration for static on-air graphics, the creation of realtime animated graphics overlaid on video and full screen player animations, all powered by STATS’ X, Y, Z players coordinates.
  • Customers can choose among a variety of camera types, from standard broadcast cameras to dedicated mini-sensors to power the new STATS tracking engine All options leverage the same patented algorithm to extract X, Y, Z data with just one frame delay. The system operates with three cameras from one location, or six at two opposite locations for enhanced output.
  • Maximising coaching tools. SportVU tracking output is now offered to clubs and federations bundled with coaching tools for use both in-game and post-game.
  • Plug and play integration within broadcasters’ in-house platform solutions – also bundled and distributed across alternative platforms, including web, mobile and tablet computing.

Shimon Katzubes, STATS’ Managing Director for SportVU, commented: “We could not be more pleased that wTVision has enhanced their solution with our realtime tracking data, combining it with their end user solutions to create a full workflow, from in-venue data collection to data in venue to on-air distribution through various platforms.”

“We want to provide our clients with the best solutions, ensuring that their projects turn out to be both delightful and very successful. STATS’ SportVU player tracking system allows us to offer a complete service to customers and very insightful statistical information to spectators. We aim to work together in future events and to keep on improving this partnership with STATS.” said Paulo Ferreira, Sales Director at wTVision.

The next outing for the joint system is scheduled to be the Copa America tournament in Argentina in July

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