4HM brings new MADI products to IBC 2013

4HM chose IBC to launch the AM64, a new multi-format AES to MADI converter, that provides fibre and coaxial transport. The new 1U device is intended to supply a single cost effective and space-saving solution to providing MADI on fibre for the broadcast environment

The AM64 accepts up to 64 channels comprising 32 stereo pairs of AES/EBU or AES3-id audio (selectable from the front panel) and provides format conversion to MADI (with switchable sample-rate converters). The MADI data is then presented either via coaxial or fibre outputs.  The AM64 is compatible with both single-mode and multi-mode fibre and provides peace of mind with a redundant power supply.

There is no set-up time involved with the AM64 which means transporting multi-channel audio from one facility to another and over distance is much simpler than might otherwise be the case. This is especially true when used in partnership with 4HM’s existing MA64 which can take a MADI input and present the 64 channels as AES/EBU and AES3-id outputs simultaneously.

To the rear of the AM64 an ST fibre connector and a BNC provide the MADI output. Inputs are catered for by four 25 way Dsub connectors tackling balanced digital audio and a single 37 way Dsub for the unbalanced digital audio. There is a sync reference input on BNC and derived word clock and AES clock outputs both also via BNC.

The AM 64 fits neatly into the expanding 4HM range when considered in the context of the afore-mentioned MA64 and the inexpensive BOB-I and ASBO optional interface units. BOB-I is a 1U ‘break-in’ box that permits balanced AES/EBU on XLR connectors to easily interface with the AM64, the 1U ASBO allows 32 AES3-id pairs to be connected to the AM64 via BNC connections.

4HM also launched an eight way MADI switcher and a new version of their MADI-MON with enhanced firmware at IBC, and has announced that the product is now shipping. The device provides monitoring of up to 32 stereo pairs of MADI and as standard also offers MADI to AES format conversion. Uniquely, the MADI-MON permits interrogation of the live MADI stream using the monitor’s comprehensive and enhanced data display.

4HM also showed a new 1U MADI selector switch, which if used alongside the MADI-MON will increase the monitoring capability to eight individual MADI streams (or up to 512 channels).

4HM’s monitor is also able to provide detailed information on the status of the live MADI data stream. Sample frequency, frame data and status bits of each embedded stereo-pair can all be extracted and displayed on the front panel.

As well as providing metering for 64 channels (32 stereo pairs) the MADI-MON also makes 32 pairs of balanced AES/EBU and unbalanced AES3-id available simultaneously for interconnection to broadcast routers, audio consoles or any other AES equipped devices. It also provides both coaxial and optical MADI loop-through outputs on the rear panel and has an internal redundant power supply.

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