Alix Milan chooses Leader HDR for colour workflow services

Alix Milan, founder and Managing Director of I Love Hue Ltd, is the latest in a growing number of  broadcast production creatives investing in Leader’s LV5333 3G/HD/SD-SDI waveform monitor via European reseller Thameside TV. I Love Hue specialises in providing digital imaging and colour workflow services for feature films and commercials. The LV5333 is being deployed across wide range of activities including feature production, music videos and commercials.

“Many of my clients insist on having Leader test equipment on set,” Milan comments. “I have been using LV5330 instruments for a long time and chose the LV3333 to handle the increasing demand for high dynamic range. 3G compatibility was also an important requirement.

“The ability to isolate and inspect specific areas of the image is specially useful when we are lighting for green-screen or blue-screen chromakey. With the LV5333, we can see very precisely where the lighting hotspots are and how they affect the overall superimposition. It saves a lot of time and delivers the best keys we could possible have.

“Leader’s CINEZONE false-colour function is also extremely useful for showing how a scene is lit in general. It is very easy to read when we are lighting skin tones and backgrounds, showing whether the fill and keylights are providing enough punch or too much.

“For scenes where there is not a lot of light, the LV5333 enables us quickly to set a minimum value below which anything becomes black so we can see exactly where in the image we need to put extra light. All my colleagues who have used it have also been very impressed. CINEZONE makes lighting analysis so much easier that I don’t know how we ever managed without it.”

“HDR will quite obviously play a major role in the evolution of broadcast television standards, whether for HD, UHD or Hi-Vision,” adds Leader’s European Regional Development Manager, Kevin Salvidge. “It enables programme producers to deliver images with extremely high impact across the full range of contrast depth from highlights to deep-shade detail. The LV3333 allows producers to capture the full available dynamic range right during the original shoot rather than having to boost the bright and dark regions during post production.”

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