Aperi brings native IP processing to BVE 2017

For the first time, Aperi will bring its ‘industry-first’ native IP live media processing to the BVE show, at ExCeL London next week. The pioneer in bringing software-based real-time IP media processing to live production and networking will be presenting its platform alongside UK distributor Gearhouse Broadcast on stand K18 at the ExCeL London.

Supporting the AIMS roadmap and all major open standards, Aperi provides a seamless migration from SDI to a true native IP live production architecture through downloadable apps. The platform is based on instant reprogrammable FPGA-acceleration technology, which is now recognized as the best way to deliver software-based virtualization for low latency, high quality live sports, entertainment and news production. The same concept has now been adopted by the world’s largest public cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, who have rolled out high computational services based on the same technology in their data centers.

A generic A1105 compute and switch platform includes the company’s latest SDMP microserver technology and a broad set of real-time media processing function software applications that are available through Aperi’s expanding App Store. Many leading developers are choosing Aperi’s open platform to develop and publish apps for live media functions. New apps include 4K JPEG 2000 and 4K TICO codecs, Multiviewer, NAT Firewall, SMPTE 2022-1,2,5,6,7 and SMPTE 2110 encapsulations.

Over the past 12 months a number of major service providers and leading broadcasters in Europe, the U.S. and Asia have chosen Aperi for native IP media production and networking.

“To get the best out of today’s live production environment, companies must be able to instantly spin up (and down) services, pay as they go, instantaneously accommodate changing formats and standards and leverage the benefits of data center operations/third-party hosting if needed. It’s really that simple,” said Aperi CEO Joop Janssen. “The IP solutions that most vendors off are IP-bolstered SDI hardware which will only benefit customers temporarily. With Aperi’s platform, we’re enabling the industry to completely future-proof itself.”

At the beginning of the year, Aperi partnered with Gearhouse Broadcast, which became the UK’s partner/distributor of Aperi’s live IP media function virtualization (MFV). The companies will be presenting the platform together at the show.

“After the success of our joint technology demonstration at IBC last year, we’ve extended our relationship with Aperi,” said Martin Paskin, systems integration manager at Gearhouse Broadcast. “We believe it’s one of the key technology providers and industry disruptors as far as new IP technology goes.”

Live show floor demonstrations at BVE will include the latest in real-time production-grade apps and Aperi’s software virtualization stack.

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