ARRI Remote Solutions toolkit makes studios safer with remote control of cameras, lights and more

COVID-19 has challenged production professionals to work differently and to help in those efforts ARRI has introduced Remote Solutions, a toolkit that can be customised to meet near-set and off-set workflows. With a complete system of connected ARRI cameras, lights, remote heads and accessories, ARRI Remote Solutions offers workflows that enable safe social distancing between talent and crew as well as between crew members. This remote production ecosystem allows professionals to safely and immediately get back to work without compromising operational and creative control.

ARRI is looking to make it easier for cameras, lights, and accessories to be controlled remotely.

The ARRI Remote Solution enables professionals to:

  • Remotely control ARRI cameras, lights, remote heads and accessories
  • Leverage proven technology from an industry veteran
  • Produce premium, unequaled cinematic quality with near-set and off-set workflows for broadcast, cinema, live events, corporate, sports, music video production, fashion and more

Applications such as Stellar, the intelligent lighting control app from ARRI, provides a smart and innovative way to control professional lighting. It allows gaffers to change colour temperature and output without touching lights or approaching talent.

Products such as the WCU-4 and the ERM (External Radio Module) allow crews to control focus and camera movement from a greater distance and through barriers such as concrete floors or walls while the SRH (Stabilized Remote Head), enables cinematic movement of the camera and can be combined with a robotic dolly for near-set movement without approaching talent. Simultaneously, web control allows cinematographers and gaffers to creatively and technically control the camera and lighting from another room or even another continent. The result is cinematic quality, no matter the crew’s distance or location.

“The pandemic has accelerated change and forced productions to adapt,” says Stephan Schenk, general manager global sales & solutions. “With travel limitations and new requirements for social distancing on set, our connected ecosystem of industry-proven tools can be customised to create safe sets, whether working near-set or off-set, without compromising the creativity or technical control of production. This is just another way we at ARRI are enabling and supporting filmmakers.”

For more information on the ARRI Remote Solutions or a live demo, please visit or contact [email protected].

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