AWS debuts Cloud Digital Interface to transport uncompressed live video between applications 

AWS has unveiled the AWS Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI), a new network technology that allows independent software vendors and AWS partners to build reliable, live video applications that can connect products and services within the AWS Cloud.

With AWS CDI, customers can deploy live video solutions, such as TV channel playout, motion graphic insertion, multi-viewer applications, live video production switching, video frame rate and color space conversion, forensic watermarking and video encoding/decoding. AWS CDI enables the deployment of these live video solutions in the AWS Cloud by giving customers access to networking and defining audio, video, and metadata (AVM) schema that facilitates reliable communication between various vendor applications.

Optimised for live video performance, AWS CDI enables reliable transport of uncompressed video, up to UHD 4K resolution at 60 frames per second between applications, with timing characteristics as low as 8 milliseconds. The interface opens doors to broadcasters and technology developers, allowing them to transport uncompressed live video between applications and across Amazon EC2 instances to create reliable, scalable and interoperable live video solutions without being tied to the ground.

“With the continued proliferation of OTT video, and more broadcasters investing in digital distribution strategies, there’s a growing demand for solutions that can help manage cloud-first initiatives. Because of this, broadcasters are looking for new ways to originate and produce their content in the cloud. AWS CDI represents a huge leap forward, allowing live video solutions to move to the cloud that previously could only be deployed on-premises due to their dependency on high bitrate connectivity,” shared David Griggs, senior product manager at AWS Elemental. “AWS CDI delivers the network performance, reliability, and high-quality transport that are critical for building uncompressed live video workflows in the cloud.”

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